DIY is an easy, especially if you have a game plan or in other words a vision. When you know what you want, the ultimate goal is a breeze. In terms of DIY invitations, it’s quite easy. However, this may differ depending on the type of DIY invites you are hoping to come up with. For DIY formal invitations, you will need to have some insight into what you need to think about in your bag of tricks, before you embark on this quest.

diy wedding invitations in mist

When considering a formal invite, you need to make it elegant, and the final output should be one that you will be proud to say you have made it yourself.

You need paper that is sturdy and will not crease easily. When purchasing DIY material kits, ensure that you go quality paper and also know what dimensions you will need depending on the sizes. When acquiring DIY kits, you should also purchase envelopes thus making sure that they match and you will avoid the hassle of having to make one yourself. But in case you are, make sure you always start with the envelope as you need it to be bigger than the intended DIY invitation so that it fits well.

Formal DIY invitations can be anything that you want them to be, but formality has its standards and one is that these invitations need to be elegant as well. Elegant DIY wedding invitations need to blend well together, without making it an eye sore. How you do this is by selecting colours and shades that are cool and soothing to the eye, for example, greens, blues and other colours from the rainbow that tends to lean more towards pastel colours. However, you can add white and black into the mix, as they are considered idea colours for formal events.

diy pocket wedding invitations in taupe

When you’re in need of DIY formal invitations, the style of it all is entirely up to you. Making sure you keep a sense of elegance intact, you may opt for many themes or inspirations, such as floral, photographic, or even contemporary. The trick is to make it not too flashy or over-done. Simplistic and minimalist styles and designs go a long way with DIY formal invitations.  Opt out of adding accessories, especially if they are too ‘dazzling’. You want to try to be subtle and elegant.

Fonts play a great role in the outcome of your DIY formal invitations. It’s always best to stick to one type of font if you want to get the wordings printed, that is either san-serif or serif. Then there are script fonts which lean more towards calligraphy. Script font or handwriting would be ideal for formal invitation, as it gives it a dignified look.

With insight such as those mentioned above, your DIY formal invitations should be a breeze. Also, do not forget that your wording needs to follow the general etiquette that is considered mandatory for formal events.