If you are planning on getting down to some creative business, we’ve got the stuff for you. From the basics to speciality items, embellishments and DIY items for your big day, here at DIY Invitations, you can get it all. This one-stop online shop for DIY wedding invitations in Australia is the perfect place to get your personalised looks for your handmade wedding, or any other special event.

The DIY Craft Shop

When you have a plan in your head, you know what you’ll need, from paper/card stock to speciality paper, embellishments and more. You will probably have a draft and want to do up a mock of the few options you’ve laid out for yourself and your big day. With the right tools and of course the right materials, (all available at DIY invitations online with delivery to Australia, countrywide), you can make it come true.  Since you are putting together a look all on your own, you may find blank canvases to work with which includes paper & card stock, invitations boxes, bomboniere boxes, brooches and more for you to add your magic onto and transform them into a suite of DIY wedding invitations, stationery and elements that will make your handmade wedding come alive.

DIY Wedding Invitations Paper and Card Stock

Wedding Shop

Your wedding is a special time, so you probably want to make it perfect. If you aren’t the steadiest at cutting up paper, or your handwriting isn’t legible enough and you want your DIY wedding invitations to look top notch, there is still a way to stand out. At DIY Invitations, you are offered a multitude of options to choose from in terms of the invitations, and they include pre-cut and scored invite designs as well as printable templates. To go with them, there are DIY invitation boxes for you to send them in if you are looking for a refined or personalised look. But if not, there are wedding invite envelopes as well as other accessories that can be used not only in your wedding invites but also various other elements of the wedding such as the bomboniere boxes, menu cards and more. Add a little trim here, a little trim there and make it a cohesive look from start to finish, all handmade with your vision in mind.

DIY Invitations Wedding Shop Invitations Boxes and Embellishment Accessories

Accessories for your Crafts

Now, apart from the core items that you will need to make elements of your DIY wedding, you will also need a few accessories to make it perfect and complete. There are  various choices of wedding envelopes, clusters and brooches made of faux diamantes, pearls and even styles of various shapes, to envelope seals, magnets and much more for a truly personalised look to your wedding invitations, stationery and other DIY elements that you can put to use, all available at DIY Invitations.