If you are hyped about being a DIY bride, want to do something personal yet elaborate, you still can. With the option of doing up DIY pocket wedding invites, you will have yourself a personal and custom wedding invite, with your creative input in a neat and concise little package in the form of an enclosed invite, known as the pocket invitations.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Horizontal Pocket Invite in Taupe

Pocket Invitations Types

Either there are two types of pocket wedding invitations, namely, which are square, or rectangular those are either horizontal or vertical. Essentially, they are square pocket invites, horizontal pocket invites, and vertical pocket invites. These bi-folded and tri-folded pocket invites allows you the option of choosing which type of layout, fold and direction you would want for your wedding invite and announcement. If you are going for a tri-folded pocket invite, then you are making a statement, because you will have more space for your invitation wording and personal notes, which make the invites, stand out. However, that does not mean that you should not opt for the bi-fold, because it does allow you to exude a sense of elegance.

Styles for Your DIY Pocket Invites

When it comes to styling your DIY pocket invites, you can keep it simple and opt for the likes of traditional, modern, & contemporary, to classic and elegant. Each of these styles has their dominant elements, which will show through, essentially through the colours and font usage. For traditional and classic styles you find yourself with san serif and cursive fonts with muted yet statement colours, whilst modern and contemporary you have the option of going with contrasts for your colour choices, and opt for either san serif and rigid fonts, or even serif fonts depending n your feeling towards the end result. Whether you choose traditional or modern for your style, you can make an elegant DIY pocket invite creation bloom from just an idea. Be wise when you opt select your designs, and make sure you do not mix and match these styles, so that your design shows through. Colours that are great on invites include the likes of black and white, being the base colours, whilst silver, gold, purple, pink, red, blue, brown, green, yellow, orange and neutral colours such as nude or taupe are great options.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Horizontal Wedding Pocket Wedding Invitation With Monogram in Regal Purple

Uses for DIY Pocket Invitations

You can use DIY pocket invites for the likes of DIY wedding pocket invites or even engagement party invitations, or even use it for save the date card. The choice is all yours.