Getting married is a beautiful thing, but when you find out how much everything costs, it can be a little saddening. With wedding costs in Australia averaging around $50,000, it can be a little frustrating when you have to cut a few corners here and there. However, brides of Australia are not too concerned as they are onboard with the concept of DIY wedding invitations.  Brides know that even though they opt to DIY their wedding invitations, a great result is what they will get, as there are services offered to ensure that they come out in a great way, from invitations retailers that retail DIY wedding invitation kits. The great thing about such retailers is that not do they retail them; the facility to have your entire guest list printed with wordings along with it is a bonus discovery for you. It is quite easy, because once you have taken care of the base material and the printing; all you will need to do is design the rest by adding accents and so forth.

Finding inspiration for you DIY wedding invitations is easier now with the web, because all you need to do is have an idea or frankly visit invitation retailer sites or look through wedding blogs to find out more information and gather insight. We compiled some DIY wedding invitations trends buzzing around on the cyber sphere for you to gather inspiration.

Patterns & Designs Inspired By Fabric

Stripes, polka dots, and even floral have been featured on wedding invitations in the past, but if you bring in fabric and textiles into the equation, you have much to inspire you. From the likes of plaid, to herringbone and even graphics printed onto fabric to create a custom look, you have the option of using them on your wedding invite. The way you can do so is by drawing them on with watercolours, printing them individually, or using paper with the pattern and then pasting it onto the DIY wedding invitation.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Pocket Wedding Invitations in Chocolate

Other ways in which fabric can be utilised in DIY wedding invitations, is rather than taking inspiration from the fabric, you can actually use the fabric in your design, but cutting and pasting the textiles onto the invite, making it a unique creation. Be careful to be neat when cutting and pasting them on. One more way you can incorporate textile is with stitch invitations, where you run a needle through the card in the form of a design. These few ways, in which you can complement DIY wedding invitations with fabric, you can also opt to mix and match and sample some options before you commit to it.

Treatments for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Treatments such as embossing and letter pressing are available as kits where you can easily get something pressed to leave an etching. However if you have a custom motif or monogram, then an order has to be placed for them. If not, there are general ones in which you can choose. Another way to add a personal touch with ink is via stampin’, where you can purchase stamps, ink at the store, and just have with it, creating a beautiful masterpiece that you designed.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Vertical Wedding Invitation in Purple

Like so, there are so many options for you to take and trends to follow when it comes to DIY wedding invites. Stay tuned for more trends on the blog soon!