In this day and age, as it has been for decades, whether we are talking about fashion, editorials, art or plain society, presentation is crucial. You want it to be hip, likeable, and also unique. Why would you wedding day be any different, especially if that’s the kind of personality you and your spouse thrive on. As a DIY bride or couple, you will want to let that show through, and you can with your DIY wedding invitations, various means of accents to your decor, and not to mention your DIY bombonieres (or wedding favours).

Start off down your creative path. How do you want to create that pop of uniqueness and surprise when your invitees receive your DIY Invitations? There are so many ways you can go about adding that sense of “oomph”, that added feel of “magic”, that special “touch”. It can be with the DIY wedding invitations, the envelope and even a special invitation box for the delicate and luxurious touches you might decide to add. Let’s find out what ideas you can spring on your invitees via your DIY invitations!

Creative to Luxurious DIY Wedding Invitations

At DIY Invitations, you have the convenience of picking out anything you might need to add a touch of elegance, luxury and class to your DIY wedding invitations, at the online shop whilst maximising on your creativity. From the variety of eco-friendly papers that comes with a sheen, texture or smooth, to speciality paper of different surfaces, be it glitter, metallic foil, embossing, thermograph and more, and not to mention the accessories and embellishments you can add, you can truly deliver on the vision for your DIY wedding invitations, accessories and stationery. No doubt about it! You can create beautiful looks for your invites, be it a flat card invite with the back having a decorative element and the front having the invitation wording, or a folded card with a cover that has several layers creating a truly luxurious feel. Mix and mingling different art styles in moderation and balance can bring about a grand look.

 DIY Wedding Invitations

Fun Enclosures & Envelopes

Another great way to add to your DIY wedding invitations would be with fun and exciting envelopes. You can add some great accents to them like those we mentioned in one of our previous posts –Accessorise your DIY Envelopes. But there are other ways to enhance it, and that would be with the use of enclosures and wraps. There are many ways you can go about it, be it with paper itself or any other material that’s easy and beautiful to use.

Let’s talk about paper wraps first. All you need in such a scenario would be to get some paper stock with a low weight, preferably lower than 150gsm. You can opt for a petal wrap style, where you get 4 petals (scalloped on each side of a square sheet of paper), where you place the likes of a flat wedding invite card in the centre, and fold each petal inwards so that it closes to mimic a flower. As a finishing touch, you can either add a ribbon with a bow, or even add a diamante or faux pearl embellishment.

Other paper wraps include a 2 petal gate fold which can also be complemented by a ribbon and embellishments, or any style you want to add to the fold be it triangular, curved at the very top so that there’s a sneak peek of the invite card (maybe to display a monogram or motif), or anything you want to do. You can easily try out drafts to see which one suits you best.

Another way would be to use a pocket sleeve wrap, where the invitation card is completely inserted into it. Like the gate fold wrap, you can also style it to offer a sneak peek too. Other materials you can use for these would be the likes of vellum paper, or lace, netting or anything that is easy to use.  If you don’t want a type of enclosure, you can just opt for a ribbon or a creative embellishment (other than the diamante or faux pearl variety), maybe origami or even 3D roses and more! In such cases you might need DIY wedding invitations boxes to help deliver your beautiful keepsake handmade invitations to your invitees safely, making sure the delicate contents within is not harmed.

DIY Invitations Boxes

You can also purchase some great wedding invitation boxes from the online store. These are perfect for the delicate handmade wedding invites, or even when you opt for luxurious finish and elegant presentation of your invites. There are so many way you can add to the presentation of your cards inside of a DIY wedding invitations boxes, that come either in singular colours or even metallic to add to the entire look. Inside, you can place your wedding invite card in a bed of potpourri, dried petals, confetti, or any material you are planning on using for your decor.

 Rigid Invitation Box - Square - S.Dream Quartz (150x150mm)

Stay tuned for more great ideas for your DIY wedding!