Creativity is a beautiful thing and so are weddings, especially when creativity has been put into good use. One great fact about wedding nowadays is how brides are getting more and more involved in all the little details of wedding planning. With increased interest in DIY wedding, you find yourself with many personalised and customised wedding elements that are precious and sentimental, such as DIY wedding invitations and stationery. Today, we will be looking into DIY wedding invitations templates and how it can be of use to you, and ways in which you can put them to use.

DIY Invitations Templates for Wedding Invitations Styles Hardcover

With the internet, looking for inspiration is a breeze. Not only can you find so many ideas from wedding decor to stationery and also dresses, floral decor and so much more, but you can also find ways in which you can try out various designs to make your personalised element come to life. You can see this in terms of wedding dresses, and definitely with wedding invitations. If you have a template design in mind, what you can do is to draft the design and go in search of DIY wedding invitation kits and templates that go in line with it, and from there, you can add your accessories, embellishments and trims and see how they go best with the template you have in mind.

There are many DIY wedding invitations templates and kits out there, and these includes the likes of no fold, bi-fold and tri fold cards, to square, rectangular, vertical, horizontal, pocket wedding invitations and more. Most of these DIY wedding invitation templates also come with measurements of either 180 mm x 96 mm (DL tri-fold/vertical), 145 mm x 145 mm (square), 134 mm x 134 mm (square vertical/horizontal/tri-fold/no-fold), 135 mm x 280 mm (square insert fold), 210 mm x 105 mm (DL vertical), 200 mm x 90 mm (DL no-fold), 180 mm x 90 mm (DL no-fold). Not forgetting the envelopes, they are available either in 220 mm x 110 mm for DL variety whilst the square DIY invites comes with a matching sized envelope, plain or in print.

DIY Invitations Pre-Cut & Pre-Scored DIY Wedding Invitations

The likes of DIY Invitations allows you to customise the text in terms of colour, font typeface and the content itself prior to printing, and if you want to be sure before ordering, you can have samples delivered to you. Pick out your favourites from the DIY wedding invitations & stationery options and see which templates fit your liking & style, and order yourself a sample so you can see it for yourself. With DIY wedding invitation templates, you have a lot of fun doing up your wedding.