Once you have set the date of the wedding, you will need to start planning the rest, starting with the wedding invitations. If you once had an idea of what your wedding invites would be but are somewhat outdated now, there are newer ways in which you can go about making it personal and customised. A two in one effort would be to opt for DIY wedding invitations with the couple’s portrait featured in it.

A few main ways are available to you in which you can fit the couple’s portraits into the DIY wedding invitations. Essentially, with a DIY wedding invitations kit, you have yourself a blank front facing in which various things can be applied to it. Therefore, you can incorporate various styles, methods and techniques to go about adding the couple’s portraits to the design of the DIY wedding invite. These methods include using photographs, illustrations, silhouettes, and watercolour paint portraits.


When working with photographs to be used for your DIY wedding invitations, you can opt for a full cover of the entire front facing, to selected areas of the layout or even positioning of the photograph(s) as to your liking. However, when it comes to the content of these photographs and how the couple’s portraits will be represented, it ties in with the style and theme of the intended look for your invites, stationery, and the look you want for your special day. Your options can range from the likes of candid photography, styled and posed photo shoots from the engagement or even a pre-wedding photo shoot, a montage or collage of the couple’s pictures, montage or collage of couple’s photographs with their parent’s wedding photographs and so much more. The styling, design, layout and positioning as well as colour play a big role in how the DIY wedding invitations come to look in the end.


A more personal and somewhat modern trend, depending on the style and look you are opting for, illustrations are truly lovely and great inclusions of elements for your DIY wedding invitations. They can be anything from comic book inspired illustrations to retro style couple’s portraits, caricatures, hand drawn art, Parisian styled to even vintage Victorian. Watercolour portraits are also quite lovely when they come and are soft and easy on the eyes, and romantic in tone.

DreamDay Invitations Hearts Design Square Horizontal Wedding Invitations Pocket Fold Design with Illustrated Couple's Portraits


Silhouette elements are limited but that does not mean that it does not leave a lasting impression. There are many ways in which you can ensure that the silhouettes of the bride and groom look personal. This is does by means of attaining the look by carefully selecting an image that looks like them the most, and then tracing the silhouette of their features. This can be done with a mock bridal garb, in order to make it more relevant, that is, with the bride wearing a tiara or veil and the groom wearing the likes of a top hat or even his signature hairstyle.

DreamDay Invitations Moonlight Silhouette Square Vertical Wedding Invitation in Antique Silver with Silhouette Couple's Portrait Design

Take a pick out of these options for your invitations for your big day!