DIY weddings are more popular than ever, and with the New Year dawning, trends for decor as well as wedding invitations has had a jumpstart to make it more and more appealing. With so much inspiration available at your fingertips, you can take your DIY wedding to another level, be it with the decor you have, the stationery and the theme you have chosen for your special day.

Brighter and Bolder

More and more people are opening up to more colour in their lives, and with the colour being forecasted for 2012 being a bold choice of Tangerine Tango, you can mix and match your favourite colours to suit your theme or vision for the wedding.

Detailing & Personalise it Your Whim

When you want to make something personal all the little details matter, especially if you go about making sure that these little details go into your wedding in the first place. Provided you do this, you can go about adding personal bits and bobs to your wedding decor and even wedding invitations. For the wedding stationery, you could add the likes of a motif or a monogram, or even a picture, and so much more. The little things matter, do not forget.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket wedding invitations are always so convenient, when it comes down to organising all the wedding invitation accessories and ensuring all the necessary information and stationery are sent across to the invitees. This great option will continue on to the new year as well.

Be Eco-Friendly

As most of the populace of the globe is going green or becoming eco-friendly and it is about time lots of other folk got on board too. Opt for recycled paper, and other recyclables for use in your DIY wedding decor or even DIY wedding invitations.


There is something truly beautiful about using watercolours, where it entwines various colours together. In addition, this is a great way to also personalise your wedding day, in terms of your wedding invitations and stationery. You can feature a key design element, be it from the venue, a flower from the bouquet or even just something the bride and groom hold dear to their hearts.

Heritage, Vintage & Classics

History means a lot to many people, whether it is your roots, your past or just the past in general, there are so many things that you look back on which you can be inspirited to decorate your special day with elements that are sentimental to you.