Every bride wants her wedding to stand out from the many she has attended or has seen before. One of the first things you would probably do to add a unique touch would be with opting for DIY wedding invitations and stationery, then being inspired by those and your wedding theme to carry it forward onto your wedding  bombonieres, table decorations and more.

Often, you’d find the same styling, paper design, quality, and also embellishments, appliqués & accents throughout a DIY wedding. It’s great because you know how much thought and effort has gone into designing a beautiful and memorable day, especially when your guests tell you how they loved all the wonderful little surprises and details everywhere they turned.  Let’s find out how this can be true for your DIY wedding too, and the first place to start would be with the DIY wedding invitations!

The DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY wedding invitations come in so many shapes, sizes, looks, styles, designs, and the list keeps going. But, it’s definitely one thing and that is unique! You are fusing together the personal design preferences of two souls madly in love with one another and each of their design inspirations count when doing them up. So, when it comes to the overall finished look of your DIY wedding invitations, you will see various things that either the bride or the groom chose, and how they fuse together beautifully to form this work of art that is their handmade representation of the most beautiful day of their lives.

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Choice of Paper and Card Stock

The look of your DIY wedding invitations rely on the quality of your paper or card stock, where some couples opt for a smooth finish, while some opt for a textured or sheen finish. These variants work well with a choice colour, but you are also allowed the option of choosing speciality paper to make your DIY wedding invitation designs pop! Whether its screen printed, flocked, embossed, glittered or more, choosing how and where you are going to use these wisely is important. Do up a draft of what you want, and run it by your closest friends and family for their opinion on the best choice of speciality or standard paper/card stock to use for you invites.

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Presentation of your DIY Wedding Invitations Package

When you have a complete wedding invitation as well as the accessories to go with them such as the reply card, gift registry and wishing well card, and the directions & accommodations cards, you will need something to enclose your DIY wedding invitations package.  Presentation is important. That’s why at DIY Invitations, we have made available to you envelopes that match the colour, shape and quality of the wedding invitations sizes and templates we have on offer, as well as invitation boxes for the luxury DIY wedding invitations. You can customise the outer look of the envelope as well as the back flap with your choice of personal touch, be it with an envelope sticker or a custom illustration, where as with an invitation box, you can add some ribbon and a beautiful diamante or faux pearl cluster embellishment to really add that touch of beauty.