Did you fiancé propose to you on bended knee and now you are contemplating everything that you need to do before the big day, and all those costs and expenses related to your wedding is just piling up and you are at your wits end with everything? Well, don’t fret, because there are some ways in which you can take the budget route, and save a few bucks here and there from your wedding budget. DIY weddings are quite the thing nowadays and are quite fun to put to work.

When you take a DIY project for your wedding, there are many things you can undertake from the likes of the decor to the wedding invitations and stationary. Today, we will look into how DIY wedding invitations come together, and what you should always keep in mind when you opt to DIY your wedding invites.

Have a Plan

This could mean anything from know what you want in terms of whom to invite, how you want to word your wedding invitation, to what it will look like. If you have already sent out a save the date card, you might have put some thought into the invitation suite (because usually, the wedding invitations and other stationary follow the same theme, just to tie things from your special together seamlessly). However, if you had not thought about a theme when you sent out the Save the Date cards or you haven’t thought of what you want for your invites for your wedding to look like, this is the time. Figure out your colours scheme, your guest list and the tone you want to compliment, and note those items down (some says it’s a great idea to have a Wedding Planning booklet).

The Materials for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

When you are going to DIY the wedding invites, you will need materials, and part of those will be decided during the planning phase, where you decide and envision the end product. Now, in this stage, you should acquire those very materials and have them with you. One way of doing that is by buying all the primary materials, from sheets of paper, stencils, stamps, pens, and even accessories. The other way is to search for some invitations retailers who supply DIY wedding invitations material kits so all you need to do is buy them and then you could move onto the stage of adding all the other items. Some wedding invitations retailers have options to print out the entire guest list before having it delivered which saves you a great deal of time when it comes to doing them yourself.

Getting Down to the Business of DIY

If you are opting to start from scratch, make sure you consider the sizing factors, by cutting the paper to invitation sizes and also make sure you either acquire envelopes the size of standard invitations or opt to make them yourself. When making the envelopes, remember to keep some space that allows you to fit in all the invitation accessories into it. Once, you have cut out the materials, make sure you get a clean fold, have the necessary invitation wording printed or use the services of a calligrapher, and finally add your accessories.