A wedding is a grand affair and there are numerous things to plan for, and sometimes keeping it within the budget is hard. However, there are many ways in which you can cut down your costs by opting to doing it yourself. DIY is something that is taking the world by storm and it has come to be one of the most effective ways of arriving at your vision, within budget and ensuring that everything is done your way.

When getting ready to make your own wedding invitations, why stop there. There are more wedding stationery that you will need for the wedding, but baby steps is the way to go, so start with the wedding invitations and figure out a theme for the rest of the wedding invitations accessories and stationery. Let us figure out how we can DIY your wedding invitations step by step.

Envision your End product

By this, we mean the look you finally want to achieve with your wedding invitations. It is always best to know where you are headed, and this would give you direction and know how you want to style everything.  Based on this you may want to purchase the necessary materials to create it. It also goes hand in hand with the theme set for the wedding.  A little research and brainstorming with the fiancé, close friends and family should help you in figuring out what you would like.

Shop for Materials

First and foremost, you will need to find the necessary paper and accessories if you are hoping to embellish your wedding invite. Start shopping at your local store for the necessary paper, and other items. However, if you want an easier option, there are DIY kits available for your choosing, available at select invitations retailer stores and also online (and if they offer delivery, you will have them at your doorstep).

Create an Invitation Template

Once you have your materials, you can make a mock up of your wedding invitation. Where you will have to the following;

–          Format Your Design

–          Write The Invitation Wording

With some invitations retailer who has online systems, you can design and pick the design you wish along with the invitation wording and the guest names along with your DIY material kit so that the hassle of getting things together is avoided.

Accessorise Your Wedding Invitations

If you want to add a little more to your wedding invitations, you can opt to include embellishments or even treatments. You can do it yourself, but it’s always best to obtain the help of a professional. Like previously mentioned, some invitations retailers offer treatments done to the wedding invite prior to delivery which allows you to work on just the additional design of the wedding invite.

Assemble, Address and Deliver Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Once you have yourself a completed wedding invite, you might need the other invitations accessories such as the reply card, directions and accommodation cards and such. Also, it’s very important to have ordered envelopes too, or made them beforehand to accommodate the wedding invitations package.