The way you put your DIY wedding invitations together will depend on your wedding theme and personal style or what you and your fiancé have decided on. When you’re looking for a unique wedding invitation look that you want to put together and have it look luxe and classy,  then opt for layered wedding invitation designs.

DIY Layered Wedding Invitations Image Courtesy of DreamDay Invitations

There are many styles of wedding invites you can pick for your layered design.  These depend on the number of layers you’re envisioning as well as the layout and trims/embellishments you’ll be using to finish the look. The thing about layering is that it can be done with the outer and inner covers (if the wedding invite cards are folded) or on either side (if they are flat cards). You can choose which area you want highlighted using layering, how it should look and also what will you used; that’s the benefit of choosing to DIY your layered wedding invites.

If you prefer folded invites, then you can opt for the front outer cover and the inner cover(s) depending on how much information you wish to share. Some brides and grooms choose you only use one side of the inner cover for their invitation wording, traditionally the right inner cover where other information such as directions, accommodations, gift registry and wishing well information will be included in separate cards. As of late there has been a trend where the left inner cover is used for this if enough space is found.

With concern to flat wedding invitations with layered styles, you can opt to have the front and back of the card feature them to match or you could opt on having the invite wording printed on the back of the base cardstock and then layer the front with your choice of decorative elements such specialty wedding paper, embellishments and other trims.

DIY Layered Wedding Invitations

Some combinations of layered styled for wedding invites include

–  4 layers on the front (2 layers acting as border bases their respective upper layer) and 2 layers on the inside right (and left,  if you like, with one layer being a border base); or

– 3 layers on the front (bottom most layer acting as a border base, while the top most taking centre-stage often accompanied by a monogram/motif or embellishment.

You can also squeeze in fabric (satin or lace) or paper ribbons between the layers for a handmade yet luxe look. The options are endless but it’s always best to design a few drafts and then make wedding invitation samples before ordering your DIY Invitations and stationery kits and materials. With pre-cut and pre-scored invitations and stationery items, becoming a DIY bride is so easy. Get cracking’ on your DIY layered wedding invites today!

 Images Courtesy of DreamDay Invitations