Layered essentially means a tiered or items being kept atop one another, representing a layout, design, or style. It’s one of the most common styles found in scrapbooking items as it brings in dimensions and a great composition on elements, and nowadays, the trends for invites, such as wedding invitations has moved toward this design style. With layered DIY wedding invitations, you bring together patterns and various elegant items together for a cohesive flow, and those design can be inspired by items that are already available in the market, but at a fraction of the cost, because you are opting to be a thoughtful and smart DIY bride.

Dream Day Invitations DIY Wedding Invitations Inspirations with Pearl Accessories

A great place to start on your hunt for inspiration for layered wedding invitations would be the great choices of wedding invitations retailers, those available throughout Australia, and that ship worldwide, such as DreamDay Invitations. As it home to some lovely choices, as well as they also offer DIY wedding invitations kits in various colours, that can be delivered to your doorstep with the wedding invitations wording printed so that all you need to do is do up the layered designs and you’re done!

You can gather your inspirations from the designs available, acquire the DIY wedding invitation kits and the other complimenting materials, your crafts and tools, and then get moving on designing your layered DIY wedding invitation card.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitation Inspiration with Lace

Ornate Wedding Invitation Designs: Start with a solid base, in the colour, which you prefer. You can either opt to go with an ornate pattern as the background with a label on the front that spells the couples’ names, or even half way or with parallel strips pattern.

Elegant Wedding Invite Designs: An elegant option of layering wedding invite design element would be to add one statement layer atop the base. For example, take a singular colour such as peach or beige, and then accent it with a strip of ornate white lace as a finishing touch.

Mixture of Design for Wedding Invites: The great thing about wedding invitation designs is that you can pair varying styles in a cohesive way, where an ornate and elegant element can go together. This also applies to elements such as lace with ribbons, or pearls and stripes as it ties items together. Make sure it does not look tacky and keep to your inspiration, such as invitation inspirations showcased here.