DIY Wedding Envelope Liners

Are you planning a truly exciting day for what many refer to as the ‘Happiest Day of their Lives’? Well, that’s great, especially if you are a handy DIY Bride. There are many ways that you can inject fun into your wedding day; one such way is by creating excitement leading up to the day with your DIY wedding invitations. Creating something fun is easy especially with the help of the DIY Invitations store. Enlist the help of DIY wedding envelope liners to add a little wow factor to your DIY wedding invitations. Find everything you might need for to add a little magic to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery for your handmade Australian wedding!

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Types of DIY Wedding Invitations Envelope Liners

Envelope liners give your wedding invitees a bit of a pleasant surprise as they open up the envelope to take a glimpse of the contents within. If you have selected a wedding theme already and if it revolves around a colour and pattern, the best possible thing you should or could do is use the chosen colours or pattern and use it in your DIY wedding envelope liners. The DIY Invitations wedding envelope liners fit into the 150mm square envelope perfectly.

However, that’s not all that’s available; you get the added bonus of also including the Bride and Groom’s names onto the liner, even a one-liner or personalised message. You can also include instructions for the designers at DIY Invitations so that you get a personalised DIY wedding invitation envelope via the online system provided by DIY Invitations. Isn’t that great?

The variety of DIY wedding envelope liners are many from solid colours to patterns such as damask, swirls and stripes, as well as finishes such as foiled in metallic gold. Take a pick of what is available, and match it as best as you can with your DIY wedding invitations creations. These DIY wedding envelope liners are delivered to you as part of a flat pack, where you can use either double-sided tape or a thin line of glue to fix the liner onto the inner flap sleeve of the DIY wedding invitation envelope.

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes Flat Pack Assembly

Accessories for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes

Apart from the pop that DIY wedding envelope liners give, you can also add to it with the help of accessories such as envelope stickers and seals. Personalise them to match the look of your DIY wedding invitation in terms of colour and font face, and include the names of the couple, a monogram or even a short message.