DIY Pocket Wedding Invitations

Is it time for you to get working on your wedding planning. Well, any time after getting engaged is a good time start on your planning, but they say 6-8 months before the date is a good time as well. Nevertheless, here you are and you are getting down to the nitty-gritty’s of wedding planning. If you have decided on a date and venue, and maybe even a theme, possibly one that you have wanted since you were little, then it’s time to start with the next phase, which would be the wedding invitations. One of the trends that are going around is to make it yourself and also using pocket wedding invites. So, if you are handy and creative, then DIY pocket wedding invitations would be a great choice for you.

DIY Pocket Wedding Invitation in Silver

The reason why pocket wedding invites are so popular is because they allow you to ensure that everything has its rightful place, especially when it comes to wedding invitations accessories such as the R.S.V.P. or reply card, the directions and accommodations card and so forth. What this invite design does is offer pockets which allow you to slide everything into place so that when the invite is received and opened, they will still remain in the same place and not get lost when the wedding day finally arrives.

However, there are many ways in which pocket of the wedding invite can be designed. You can have them either with a horizontal pocket on one side of the card, vertically on the same side of the card, or with horizontal or vertical pockets on both inners of the card, or multi-pockets on one side or it can even be diagonally cut to add a twist to the entire thing. These are some of the ways in which you can style the inner sides of your wedding invite to accommodate your wedding invitations stationery in a concise and organised manner, depending on which item is more important. For example, if you are to have cascading pockets, the most prominence should be given to that of the reply card and should be placed as the one most easily accessible.

Also, the great thing about Dreamday Invitations DIY pocket wedding invitations is the design is entirely up to you and you will be the one who decides the masterpiece it turns out to be. The front facing design would be the easiest, and considering the pockets on the inside, they are not too difficult to make. Just make sure that your vision is clear and just go for it.