DIY Wedding Invitations Inspired by Peach, Lime and Watermelon

Your wedding day will be the most special day in your lives, and you want it to be beautiful and serene, starting with your wedding invitations right through to your wedding décor and the wonderment of all the love around.  If you want to make things personal then opt for a DIY wedding, and be a DIY couple, and be inspired by nature’s beautiful bounty, such as Peaches, Lime and Watermelons starting with the DIY wedding invitations.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitations Horizontal in Peach Coral Colour

Where you can start would be with your DIY wedding invitations by getting a kit from a good wedding invitations retailer that not only offers you options of printed wedding invites with inspiration for you for your creativity, but also blank cards with value added offers where you get the names and invitation wording printed too. This gives you a professional look to your DIY wedding invitations even before adding your own personal touches.

You can add accents to your DIY wedding invites using colours that are inspired by peaches, limes and watermelons. You could use any of these three colours as the background or base, or using white on the background and add accents thereafter. What you can do when adding accents to your peach, lime and watermelon inspired DIY wedding invitations is to use various methods such as using watercolours, to paper art, other items such as sequins and feathers to bring some pizzazz to the ensemble.

DreamDay Invitations Maui Dream Square DIY Wedding Invitations in Lime

When doing watercolours, you can either choose a solid base colour or add accents by using various types of brushes and sizes to get the desired effect, whether it’s a scenery, illustration, or even silhouette art. Peach silhouettes would go best with contrasts such as white or even lime, while watermelon and lime hues would be best and make a better impact with white.

Another way to go about it would be to use ribbons, lace, and appliqués such as diamante brooches and buckles to add some glamour to the DIY wedding invitation. But what would be a good idea would be to go out of the box, and use materials and items that are being used in the décor, such as feathers if they are being put to use. With such great idea, your DIY wedding invites and the wedding itself will be beautiful and spectacular. You can go the extra mile by even using pressed flowers of those being used in the bouquets and décor so that the invites would act as keepsake too.

DIY Wedding Invitations Templates

Creativity is a beautiful thing and so are weddings, especially when creativity has been put into good use. One great fact about wedding nowadays is how brides are getting more and more involved in all the little details of wedding planning. With the increased interest in DIY wedding, you find yourself with many personalised and customised wedding elements that are precious and sentimental, such as DIY wedding invitations and stationery. Today, we will be looking into DIY wedding invitations templates and how it can be of use to you, and ways in which you can put them to use.

With the internet, looking for inspiration is a breeze. Not only can you find so many ideas from wedding decor to stationery and also dresses, floral decor and so much more, but you can also find ways in which you can try out various designs to make your personalised element come to life. This is greatly seen in terms of wedding dresses, and definitely with wedding invitations. If you have a template design in mind, what you can do is to draft the design and go in search of DIY wedding invitation kits and templates that go in line with it, and from there, you can add your accessories and trims and see how they go best with the template you have in mind.

There are many DIY wedding invitations templates and kits out there, and these includes the likes of no fold, bi-fold and tri fold cards, to square, rectangular, vertical, horizontal, pocket wedding invitations and more. Most of these DIY wedding invitation templates also come with measurements of either 180 mm x 96 mm (DL tri-fold/vertical), 145 mm x 145 mm (square), 134 mm x 134 mm (square vertical/horizontal/tri-fold/no-fold), 135 mm x 280 mm (square insert fold), 210 mm x 105 mm (DL vertical), 200 mm x 90 mm (DL no-fold), 180 mm x 90 mm (DL no-fold). Not forgetting the envelopes, they are available either in 220 mm x 110 mm for DL variety whilst the square DIY invites comes with a matching sized envelope, plain or in print.

The likes of DreamDay Invitations allows you to customised the text in terms of colour, font facing and the content itself prior to printing, and if you want to be sure before ordering, you can carry out the same procedure to have samples delivered to you. Pick out your favourites from the selections and see which templates fit your liking and style and order yourself a sample so you can see it for yourself. With DIY wedding invitation templates, you have a lot of fun doing up your wedding.

Bouquet Inspired DIY Wedding Invitations

Every wedding has to have a bouquet as an accessory for the bride, and over the years, bouquets have become such unique features that it has become an inspiration for many a thing. Therefore, in this instalment of DIY Wedding Invitations, we bring you Bouquet Inspired DIY Wedding Invitations.

If you already have a colour scheme selected, then all you will need to do is figure out the texture of the DIY invitation paper and the inspiration to decorate it in a way that blends well with your wedding theme. Now, if you are using DreamDay Invitations and their DIY wedding invitations kits, you have the ease of having your entire guest list printed as well as the invitation wording and such.  When selecting your DIY invites, make sure you have some idea of the layout because it will be delivered to you so that they will be ready to have other wedding invitations and accessories attached to it. Now, onto the matter of what you can use to decorate these DIY wedding invitations, we have a few ideas in mind. Let us find out more about them, shall we?

Material Inspirations for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Beaded bouquets are cute and dainty, and definitely different from any wedding bouquet you have seen. They can be considered a little sparse, but you can accessorise with more beads or accompanying materials. Like so, you can add beads or beaded strings, to blend well with your bouquet, ensuring that the colour scheme is the same.  There is also the option of handmade wedding invitations from scratch, which involves adding beaded buckles with lace or ribbons. That is just one option you can take.

Another unique bouquet you can use is twigs as the main attraction. Add a rustic touch to your DIY wedding invitation with this accessory.

Brooches are lovely additions to weddings, but you can break the mould by opting for a bouquet of brooches and make it truly beautiful. Your DIY wedding invitation would be a brooch too, giving your invitees a wedding keepsake with your invite as well.

Fan Shaped Bouquet is something that is unheard of but entirely possible. So, shape your wedding bouquet in that manner and decorate your wedding invite to resemble a handheld antique fan as well.

Feathers are lovely to behold and the colours are truly spectacular. You can add a single feather or numerous ones to accessorise your DIY wedding invitation.

Buttons, similar to brooches can be ornate and beautiful. So find yourself admiring the beauty of your bouquet and your wedding invite when you opt for this accessory.

Wires are similar to twigs but can be shaped to your liking. Deck your bouquet with some lovely designs and use that as inspiration for your design on the DIY wedding invites.

Fruits and Vegetables are great additions to your decor and using them for your bouquet is quite creative. Use inspiration from the fruits and vegetables, from the colours or shapes and use it in the decor and design of truly unique wedding invites.

Fabric Bouquets as also great options, and are cost efficient. When making your fabric flowers, have a few more made for your DIY wedding invites, and use it as the highlights of the floral invitation and blend your wedding elements together.

DIY Wedding Invitations Inspired by Chevron

Chevron is a lovely pattern, which has been around for ages. Mostly used for insignia, chevron has invaded the design for various decades. The standard chevron pattern includes a zigzag pattern, however, depending on which way you hold the arrowhead, you can create various other patterns of your fancy. In today’s article, we are looking into using chevron patterns with DIY wedding invitations. An ongoing trend in the wedding industry, you can make many beautiful chevron-wedding invitation designs with the right inspirations, colour scheme and materials.

Layout, Patterns and Invitation Designs

Chevron is usually accompanied with one white chevron patterned line and then a coloured one, and depending on the colour you choose, you can match it with your wedding theme. The way you can go about with your wedding invitation design and the use of the pattern, is with the layout. Ways in which you can put the layout and the pattern to use include the likes of;

–          Background either as bold and arrow design, or rolling pattern)

–          Bisection of the wedding invitation given to the pattern with the opposite side being a solid colour, preferably of the wedding colour theme, or even something contrasting

–          Border chevron design, with a bold lining and a white inner for the text area

–          Watermark chevron design, so that the pattern is easy on the eye and is a nice surprise when you notice it.

–          Emboss or engrave the design on the border area or even the area, which is not used for the wedding invitation wording.

–          Line the inner area of your wedding invitation envelope with a chevron pattern, therefore when the invitee open the envelope you can clearly see what the theme of the wedding would be, that is, chevron.

Draw, Paint or Paste

Ways in which you can use DIY wedding invitation cards and then go about decorating them is with the use of the right materials, some inspiration and a vision.  You can draw, paint or even cut out a chevron design or strips of paper to paste onto the paper for an artsy look and feel.  You can even use lace as material to create the pattern on your DIY wedding invitation paper. Contrast is key, so keep to that effect.

Be Colour Coordinate, Go Monochrome or Technicolor

A great way of making your chevron wedding invitations stand out when you are opting to DIY it, is to use colour to create a lovely finished product. The choice of colour you use, especially if its monochrome is limited but gives off a eye catching effect. If you have a few colours in your colour scheme, you can alternate between them. If however, Technicolor is your thing, then colour away. A rainbow-wedding theme would be ideal for that choice of colour design and DIY wedding invitation.

Envision what you want for your DIY wedding invitation and use chevron for a beautiful execution and result!