DIY Invitations for Weddings Inspired by Texture

Inspiration can come in all sizes and shapes, not to mention textures. It often brings a pleasant aesthetic appeal to the item it’s represented on such as wedding invitations, bridal wear and even decorative items for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Texture is defined in two ways; “the feel or shape of a surface or substance; the smoothness, roughness, softness, etc. of something” and also “the quality given to a work of art by the composition and interaction of its parts“. While the former definition is literal, the latter is figurative.

Nevertheless whichever you pick, there are ways in which you can be inspired but texture to create a beautiful wedding theme and also create the first preview of it being the DIY wedding invitations. Whether you’re looking to nature or man-made inspirations, with creativity and the right materials and tools, you can get a look that’s memorable that also resonates your interpretation of the inspired look.

What if your inspiration was from white feathers, what would your wedding day look like? Will your wedding invitations have actual feathers as an embellishment or will it feature feather textured specialty paper? What will the wedding dress be? What about the wedding cake? We have put together this wedding inspiration board featuring DIY Invitations products such as the wedding paper, printable templates and Hardcover wedding invites and other embellishments you can use too.

DIY Invitations Feather Inspired Emvossed Wedding Specialty Paper Wedding Inspiration

How about pink coral as your inspiration? Unfortunately or fortunately, you can’t use pink corals unless they are cosmetic, however you can be inspired to use items that mimic or interpret it. It all depends on your interpretation. We’ve put together a DIY wedding inspiration board that included the thermography specialty paper in a pink coral hue with a slight sheen that mimics the rays of the sun reflecting in the reef.

DIY Invitations Wedding Specialty Paper Coral Wedding Inspiration Board Screenprinted Paper

There are many types of wedding specialty paper to choose from for you to use for your DIY wedding invitations, accessories and stationery. Whether it’s for the ceremony and reception as well as thank you cards that will be sent to the wedding guests to thank them for their presence at the wedding as well as say thanks for their thoughtful gifts too. It’s always good etiquette to do so, gift or no gift. With a selection of such wedding paper types that range from embossed, flocked, metallic, glittered, screen printed and thermography paper, you are able to create different looks as samples for you to select which DIY wedding invite design looks the best and then select the best wedding invitation for the template for your DIY stationery.

Specialty Paper and DIY Invitations

You’ve got your blank DIY invitation kits and card stock, but you want something more, something a little more special for your event, to add a pop of colour or even glamour. The way to do this is with specialty paper used with your DIY invitations. These are extremely helpful when you have an event such as wedding, or a party that deserves the proper respect in terms of elegance and class. This could very well be the perfect way to do so.

Think of bright colours, an array special paper treatments to match its designs, and great quality. That’s what you get with the specialty paper by DIY Invitations, and much more. The types of specialty paper are many to choose from, and so are what you can do with them to make beautiful invitations and cards. These luxurious papers are available to you in sheets of A4 size paper with its unique and beautiful treatments to make your invitations and card creations pop!

Embossed Paper

The luxurious range of embossed paper comes all the way from India, with quality embossing done on beautiful pearlescent card/paper stock, so that the raised designs gives off a slight sheen when the light hits it. The DIY Invitations Embossed Specialty Paper is available on 150gsm paper, and sold in 5 sheet increments from 10 sheets onwards, and also at a discounted rate for packs of 25.

DIY Invitations Specialty Paper A4 Embossed Natures Breast in Champagne 150gsm


Flocked Paper

This involves subtle velvet-like fibres evenly placed atop 150gsm pearlescent paper creating a beautiful design and finish. Available in a range of colours and intricate designs from your average hues to metallic shades too, the DIY Invitations Flocked Specialty Paper are available for purchase as a 10 sheet pack with increments of 5 sheets, or at a discounted rate of 25 sheets in a pack.

Metallic Printed Paper

Add a magnificent accent to your DIY invitations, in sparse amounts or as an all-over look with these beautiful and classy prints available in gold and silver. These too are printed on pearlescent paper, with purchases orders available in packs of 10 with 5 sheet increments, or discounted 25 sheet packs as well.

Glittered Paper

These glistening papers are a true treasure. Intricate designs and patterns adorn the pearlescent 150gsm paper which has been hand-glittered in India, for a delicate and quality finish to your invitation card designs.

DIY Invitations Specialty Paper A4 Glittered Harmony Swirl 150gsm


Screen Printed Paper

These beautiful and coloured papers are quite extraordinary. Printed on A4 sheets in India, there are multiple layers of screen print of not only the standard colours, but also metallic ink for that added glitz to your handmade creations.

Thermography Paper

This raised printed paper technique also known as thermography, is a great effect which is classy and elegant. Offering a unique look to your DIY invitations, they are also available for your invitation/card masterpiece to get the punch of ‘wow’ you are looking for.


DIY Invitations A4 Thermography Printed Specialty Paper Delightful 150gsm