DIY Engagement Invitations

Did he pop the ultimate questions? Did you squeal in delight with a resounding “YES“! It’s time to let everyone know, isn’t it? You can throw a lovely engagement party! Invite your loved ones and close friends or even the people you are planning to invite for the wedding via some beautifully done up DIY engagement invitations. How does that sound?

If you are wondering, how the DIY Invitations online store can help you with your DIY engagement invitations, we have some wonderful news.  With two ways you can go about it, it’s quite easy and not to mention affordable. One would be doing it from scratch whilst the other would be to use the printable templates to come up with great DIY engagement invitations to celebrate the proposal and this great occasion of two unions taking the first step to spending the  rest of their lives together and a happily ever after. Let’s get to it, shall we?

DreamDay Invitations Layered Flocked Monarch's Pride White on Pearl Square Hardcover Invitation in Regal

Materials for Your DIY Engagement Invitations

At DIY Invitations, you’ll find that you can purchase items for your DIY engagement invitations without a hitch. What you’ll need would be some paper and card stock that’s easily available on the online DIY invitations store along with speciality paper too if you are looking to add a bit of glamour onto the DIY engagement invitations, as well as embellishments and not forgetting the envelopes to send the invitations in.

Apart from these, you may need a pencil, colour pens, watercolours and other materials to bring colour into the design, a scissor or guillotine cutter, and not forgetting other creative materials that you can use to accessorise the look. These items will depend on your creative genius. Some creative DIY brides have used pressed dried flowers and leaf skeletons, to seeds and eco-friendly items.

DreamDay Invitations Layered Iconic Love Square Hardcover Invitation in Black

DIY Printable Engagement Invitation Templates

If you don’t have enough time to do your DIY engagement invitations from scratch but would love to add your own personal brand of magic with an affordable price tag, then opt for DIY printable engagement invitation templates. What it’s all about is you are able to get your personalised engagement invitation wording printed onto the DIY engagement invitations without a hitch as per the template you have chosen with your pick of text placement and colour selection. It’s really quite easy, because they’ll be delivered to your address as flat pack DIY engagement invitations and all you’ll need to do then is to add the design touches, be it with pencils, watercolours or any creative method you have set your heart on.