DIY Wedding Envelope Liners

Are you planning a truly exciting day for what many refer to as the ‘Happiest Day of their Lives’? Well, that’s great, especially if you are a handy DIY Bride. There are many ways that you can inject fun into your wedding day; one such way is by creating excitement leading up to the day with your DIY wedding invitations. Creating something fun is easy especially with the help of the DIY Invitations store. Enlist the help of DIY wedding envelope liners to add a little wow factor to your DIY wedding invitations. Find everything you might need for to add a little magic to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery for your handmade Australian wedding!

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Types of DIY Wedding Invitations Envelope Liners

Envelope liners give your wedding invitees a bit of a pleasant surprise as they open up the envelope to take a glimpse of the contents within. If you have selected a wedding theme already and if it revolves around a colour and pattern, the best possible thing you should or could do is use the chosen colours or pattern and use it in your DIY wedding envelope liners. The DIY Invitations wedding envelope liners fit into the 150mm square envelope perfectly.

However, that’s not all that’s available; you get the added bonus of also including the Bride and Groom’s names onto the liner, even a one-liner or personalised message. You can also include instructions for the designers at DIY Invitations so that you get a personalised DIY wedding invitation envelope via the online system provided by DIY Invitations. Isn’t that great?

The variety of DIY wedding envelope liners are many from solid colours to patterns such as damask, swirls and stripes, as well as finishes such as foiled in metallic gold. Take a pick of what is available, and match it as best as you can with your DIY wedding invitations creations. These DIY wedding envelope liners are delivered to you as part of a flat pack, where you can use either double-sided tape or a thin line of glue to fix the liner onto the inner flap sleeve of the DIY wedding invitation envelope.

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes Flat Pack Assembly

Accessories for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes

Apart from the pop that DIY wedding envelope liners give, you can also add to it with the help of accessories such as envelope stickers and seals. Personalise them to match the look of your DIY wedding invitation in terms of colour and font face, and include the names of the couple, a monogram or even a short message.

Fun Ways to Accessorise Your Wedding Invitations

If you are a DIY bride, looking for a fabulously done up wedding with personal touches and a unique twist on the elements, then you can also find fun ways to accessorise your DIY wedding invitations beyond paper means. For those DIY brides who want some unique wedding invitations, here are some ways in which you can add your own touch of magic into your message of love.

You can use anything and everything when you want to add a little fun to your handmade wedding invitations. The way you do so could very well be part of your wedding theme, with inclusion of accessories that you would have handy and already planned out. It’s just a matter of adding that little thing onto your DIY stationery, and voila, presto you’ll have gone the extra mile to making them truly personalised. Here are some trendy ways in which you can do just that.

DIY Invitations Stationery

Add a Stitch of Love: Stitching in some detailing or even adding a bit of fabric would be a nice touch. Some DIY wedding invitation have a seam stitch at the folding location, while have been seen to feature hearts, monograms and other design elements, whether its in running, back, half, three-quarter, cross, chain stitch, and embroidery.

Bellybands: You can bundle your DIY wedding invitations and stationery with a band that goes around the belly of the cardstock. This could either be done using creative paper bellybands or even fabric/thread band. Either way, you can add little trinkets to make it more exciting, like a monogram stitched onto a fabric band, beads attached to the thread work and so on.

Envelope Liners: Add a little wonder to the first thing that your invitees will see when they receive your masterpiece creation – the envelope. Adding liners to the inside of the flap can make it more interesting, and you can do it in a few lovely ways, such as fabric, print/pattern, doily, photograph prints, and lace liners. You could go the extra mile and create an envelope in the way you like it, making it not just a DIY wedding invitation, but also the envelope too. This could be with recycled paper, paper doilies and even a crisp invitation box.

Custom Postage Stamp: If you want to personalise your DIY wedding invitation further, why not try out a custom postage stamp, or even themed postage stamps. Make sure to follow the correct procedure to getting this down in your country to avoid time issues when sending out your lovely DIY wedding invitations and stationery.

Ways to Add Colour to Your DIY Wedding Invitations

A blank canvas is what we always start with, whether it is a painting or a wedding, or even the wedding invites. That is why many couples to be wed opt for DIY wedding invitation kits so that they can make their own masterpiece to represent and introduce the happiest day of their lives.

A DIY wedding invitation kit lets you figure out what your end result would be from the get-go. You can do up some samples and compare them at first before you set your mind to it, and even ask your closest friends and family for their opinion before confirming your choice of design and creation as your wedding invite.

The first step is to decide on the base colour that you want your DIY wedding invites in. You could take the easy route and choose either white or a neutral hue because you can never go wrong. If you are not sure of what you want, order a few samples in advance and try then out with the other accompanying materials you have acquired to add colour and ‘oomph’ to the wedding invite ensemble. You can add that special touch with the likes of the following.

Ribbons & Lace: Ribbons and lace would be easiest way to add pops of colours onto your DIY wedding creation. Not just using it, but the way you use it makes a difference. You can pair a few different colours together, or even weave them into a design.

Watercolour Paint: Watercolour paint creations are beautiful, because not only are you adding your own personal touch, but also the colour from watercolours leaves a beautiful texture when completed.

Dyeing and Paper Texturing: A great way to add a twist to your DIY wedding invite paper would be to add colouring, in terms of dyeing, which can be done using watercolour itself, or even applying a coat of watercolour paint using a sponge or cloth.

Stamps: Stamps are great ways to add a professional looking finish with flowing and intricate designs to your wedding invite. Choose designs that go well together, or overlap in different colours to bring life into the wedding card.

Stencils: Stencils are also great ways in which you can acquire great and intricate designs, where all you need to do is colour over a stencil, and presto, you have yourself beautiful look.

Stitching: Some brides opt to add a bit of stitching for a homely feel. If your wedding is a casual one, or you have a notebook or cross-stitch theme going on, this would be ideal.

Embellishments & Accessories: Adding buckles, little diamante brooches in varying colours depending on your theme would be ideal for bursts of colour in the right amounts.

Envelope Liners: Another way of adding colour to your DIY wedding invites is to add a great envelope liner that surprises your guests as they open it. It can be anything from a design, pattern to even photographs.