DIY Wedding Invitations Inspired by Floral Bouquets

The bridal bouquet is an important element for your big day, and one that has been a tradition since ancient times, where women had a custom of carrying aromatic bouquets adorning garlic, herbs and spices, in the hope of warding off evil spirits from the maidens on her wedding day. With this in mind, in this edition of DIY wedding invitations, we bring you inspirations from floral bouquets to set the theme and mood of your one special day.

There is a variety of means to make your DIY wedding invitations inspired by the floral bouquets for your wedding day. We have compiled a few ways in which you can relate it to your bouquet as well find a flow from each floral element of your wedding day to bring a cohesive theme together, whether it is the floral bouquet, the wedding invitations, other wedding stationery and the décor.

DIY Wedding Invites with Stamped Ink Floral Design

When it comes to using stamps with beautiful designs and many colours of ink for your wedding invite creation, with a DIY wedding invitation kit, much can be done with it. It is just a matter of finding your inspiration and then trying it out. You could use one stamp, two or more in either one colour, or many colours to create a mix. You could use these stamps to create a border, or use it as a corner design or even as the focal item of your wedding invite.

DIY Wedding Invites with Watercolours

Watercolours open up a whole canvas of possibilities, depending on what you want to create. Is it an elegant or intricate work of art? Do you want to draw a painting or masterpiece? Either way, your DIY wedding invitation will be truly sensational.

DIY Wedding Invites with Pressed Flowers

Beautiful, and intricate, pressed flowers gives you a sense of ‘forever and always’. In addition, if you opt to use this method, the card in itself is a memoir of this special day. Though somewhat time consuming, this option of floral inspired DIY wedding invites will be a hit.

DIY Wedding Invites with Paper & Tissue Paper Flowers

If you want to make a statement, you can use paper flowers that will be either 2D or 3D. You can create paper flowers with origami techniques, or even punch them out and curl the petals to make it look natural. This can also be done with tissue paper, though it will create a more delicate look.

DIY Wedding Invites with Laser Cut Flowers

Definitely the most intricate of them all, and also quite delicate depending on the finesse of the design, laser cut flower of your DIY wedding invite card will be truly wonderful. Pick out a design and have it cut, or rather use a stencil and a sharp paper cutter knife and do it yourself. Very intricate and somewhat time consuming, but the end result, out of this world beautiful!