Using Labels and Borders in your DIY Wedding Invitations

Styling your wedding can include many items and elements, but most of it is displayed in the likes of your wedding invitations and other stationery. If you are a DIY bride and like the use of labels and borders to add detailing to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery, then read on as you can gather insight into what you can do to transform your creations into something magical.

The choice of labelling or use of frames relates to the style you choose; whether it’s a traditional or modern style, and accordingly, the design, shaping and elements put into it will transform your overall wedding invite design as a whole. However, when borders are put into place, it essentially falls on the fact that the design that is set within the border(s) is considered of traditional or modern design.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Borders

Traditional designs tend to be more intricate, rounded or with a lot of detailing pertaining to the era of style design, whereas modern designs look towards more sleek or crisp lines which can be accented with colour or even with a fusion of various styles. This factors into labelling, frames, and borders as well, but are different when put into context.

If you take labels and frames into consideration, the types of designs and shapes differ according to the styling you opt for and the following are some options that you can definitely use in your DIY wedding invitations. These designs are ideal whether you are opting to use stickers, stamps, or printed labels, or even, illustrated onto your DIY stationery for your wedding. In terms of the border you want to use, it can be anything from the likes of filigree, damask, stripes, or any other pattern that may go with the traditional or modern styling that you have chosen for your DIY wedding invitations.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Label Designs

As border designs are straightforward, we will look into the different types of labels you might choose to go with, and some examples in terms of theme, shape, and design.

  • Classical Vintage Framing with Old World Inspirations: This features ornate designs with floral, leaf and similar motifs and is usually rounded in design, as either a circle or oval design.
  • Elegant Brocade Designs with Victorian Inspirations: Feature shapes such as square, rectangle or even ovals and circles with an elegant brocade working featured in the border skirting of the label shape. You can add foil printing to this to make it pop.
  • Shapes within Shapes: This type include a design on the outer shape such as square or a rectangle with a circular or oval shape in it, and the designs or patterns will be featured within the space of the two shapes.
  • Borders on Label Shapes: This features an intricate edge design such as lace added to the skirting of the shape to make it stand out, whereas the shape of the label in itself stands out in a different colour
  • Retro Shapes and Designs: This features a modern but retro look where you have your standard shapes for labels, some with rounded corners and others with more personality added to it, but the pop of colour and distinctive modern patterns makes it stand out.

No Fold DIY Invitations with a Creative Touch

You have seen these lovely shapes, cuts and designs that you are dying to try out for your very own wedding. The first step is to get the materials for your DIY wedding invitations, and the best place to start is with DIY kits for these invitations, especially with the no-fold variety as everything can be done up differently to the norm that is there in the wedding industry. From different shapes to cuts, edges and much more, you can add a creative touch to your wedding invitations and stationery with the likes of no-fold invites.

Wedding Invitation Shapes

The most obvious shape you might like to add to your card design could very well be a heart shape, whether it is perfectly symmetrical or even slightly lopsided with some personality. Then there are circular shapes that you can put to use, with the likes of a perfect circle or ring design, to the ovals and even a cloud design inspired by ‘cloud no. 9’. There is no saying you cannot opt for the traditional square or rectangular wedding invitations, but adding some personality and some pizazz would go a long way.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitations Kits No Fold Square and DL Sized

With some proper measurements and a handy scissor, you can have your DIY invite kits cut in the way you want. As these DIY invitation kits are offered with the invitation print, getting a few samples delivered beforehand would save you the time to try out a few trials to see which shape is the best fit for your wedding vision. You could also get yourself a cutter that allows you to cut the card design into the shape of your choosing.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitations Kits Square and DL Sizing

Trims and Edge Designs

Apart from the shape of what your no-fold DIY wedding invitation kit can be transformed into, you can also add to the look of the shape by using trims and edge designs. The easiest way to add some dimensions to something with flat edges (in the shape of square or rectangle) would be to add a trim to the corners, such as scallop, pointed edges and so forth.

The options of going for frame designs for such shapes of your no-fold DIY wedding invitations would also be a good idea, such as that of luxe frames such as Bombay Luxe, Ornate Luxe, Tuscan Luxe, Hampton Luxe to name a few. There is also the bubble frame, which gives a rounded look to your wedding card. If this does not seem like something you could like to opt for there are always punches that offer you the possibility of adding the likes of lace, and scallop trims for a die-cut effect on your wedding invitation card.