Say Thanks with a DIY Thank You Card

When it comes to their DIY weddings, brides and groom focus on getting all the details ready from the DIY wedding invitation to the honeymoon. It’s seldom that they put much focus on what post-wedding details they need to take care of afterwards, such as sending out thank you cards and proper etiquette when sending them. Today, we look at what your DIY thank you card can be, and how you can say “Thank You” to your guests who graced your special day and bestowed a lovely gift too.

These are not the ‘Thank You’ tags you might want to include with your wedding favour or bomboniere, but the actual card that is sent via mail to your guests, usually with a personal note, handwritten by you or your newly wedded spouse. People might assume that sending over a thank you card is merely etiquette, but in actuality it also shows your guests and people who attended that you appreciate the time and effort they put in by making it to your big day and sharing your happiness and memories. When you are opting to send a DIY thank you card, the gesture shown towards thanking your guests is even more cemented.

Essentially, since your thank you card is considered part of the wedding stationery, though a post wedding item, it should have the wedding theme carry through to its design as well. Therefore, consider this fact when you are purchasing invite card kits and materials to create your DIY wedding stationery. You might not be able to fathom how many thank you cards you will actually need as you cannot estimate how many will be attending. Some brides and grooms feel that it is best to wait till it’s closer to the wedding day, and after the reply cards have been received. This way, you will be able to budget how many people will be attending, and order the DIY thank you card kits with a 20% buffer, just in case there are last minute responses or human errors while creating your DIY thank you card. You can then accent and embellish your DIY thank you card as you see fit, with the wedding invitations and stationery theme in mind, to keep things flowing.

When it comes to etiquette concerning thank you cards, it’s always a good idea to send across your thanks as soon as you can. These types of cards are easy to write and need not be too lengthy. However, it is always nice to consider including any of the following in the thank you notes.

1. The Recipients Name and Salutation

2. Use of the words “Thank You” as well as the specific name of the gift

3. Saying something nice about the gift, and/or how you plan on using the gift(s)

4. Add a personal note

5. Signature line

A good example of a thank you card wording is as follows.

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for the beautiful picture frame. It’s just so pretty. It’s now home to one of our honeymoon pictures on John’s bedside table. We are settling in just fine in our new home at Castle Hill. Let’s meet up for coffee soon.


Mia & John 

Square Invitation Folded 140mm DIY Thank You CardDIY Invitations Folded Card 90 x 134mm DIY Thank You Card

Bomboniere Box Styles & Trends

You may be wondering what a “Bomboniere” is, or what it means. The fact is, you probably already know what it is but due to what it’s called and how it is spelled or pronounced, you are a little unsure. Bomboniere is an Italian word for “favours” or “gifts”, and they are presented in a variety of ways in which one setting would be Bomboniere Boxes.

They are ever popular in use when it comes to special events to hold gifts to give to guests and attendees. Whether it’s for a wedding, a baptism, a bar or bat mitzvah, first communion or confirmation, a christening, and other such milestone events, a favour may be included in an attractively designed bomboniere box to be taken home with your guests. The contents within could be the traditional sugared almonds, but as times change so have the favours or gifts, and they can range from anything the host fancies.

There are various types of bomboniere boxes to choose from depending on your theme, style and also your budget. Let’s face it, that the DIY box route would be the best way to go about it because not only can you say that you made it yourself, but it will be a personal and unique gift and your guests will definitely appreciate it more.

DIY Invitations Plastic DIY Bomboniere Box Pillow Pack Style

With DIY Invitations, you are presented with two distinctive categories of these gift boxes, which are either paper bomboniere boxes or plastic bomboniere boxes. Out of the quality materials being used to make them, they also come with DIY folding and assembly instructions so that you can put them together, and then use various types of embellishments or accessories to accent the look of the DIY boxes to suit your style as well as match your event theme. There are many design styles that are available with boxes for gifts, and they range from the traditional two-pieces boxes that come with a lid and base, to pillow boxes, cube boxes as well as noodle boxes.

DIY Invitations Paper DIY Bomboniere Boxes Two Piece Trinket Boxes

These bomboniere boxes range from the paper variety, to match the DIY invitations and stationery that you have selected for your event, therefore having a cohesive flow across the stationery accents, while you are also given the option of going with clear plastic/Perspex boxes for a truly delightful look into your favours. Some hosts decide to add little accessories inside the clear boxes to pretty it up while sticking to your DIY budget, with the likes of potpourri, tissue paper, confetti and more.

Bomboniere Boxes to Match your DIY Invitations

It’s always polite to say thank you. When it comes to weddings, a custom is to present the guests with a little favour a bomboniere packaged in a lovely box. As it is considered part of the wedding stationery, if you are opting for DIY wedding invitations, you should also know about the various types of bomboniere boxes made available to your choosing.

What is a Bomboniere?

You might be wondering what this strange word is. It’s Italian for ‘favours’ and are gifts bestowed on guests for attending a special occasion. In most parts of the world, it’s commonly known as a favour or a thank you gift, and they traditionally include the likes of Confetti (which are Jordan almonds) where as custom goes five sugared almonds are included to signify long life, fertility, wealth, health and happiness and they are included in tulle bags and given to the invited guests. However, times are changing and now these favours come in bomboniere boxes styled in various ways and  match the wedding theme you have chosen.

Bomboniere Boxes and Styles

What you can do for your wedding in terms of the appearance of your bomboniere boxes depends on the look that you are striving for with your wedding invitation and stationery. If you are opting for a DIY look, you could get the bomboniere boxes sent over when you order your DIY wedding invitation and other stationery. The choices are different and trendy and will definitely make your life easier.

DIY Invitations for Weddings Craft Shop Bomboniere Boxes White Gloss Cube Auto Lock Base

There are various bomboniere box styles available to you that are trendy but also ones that are traditional and functional. From the likes of noodle boxes whether its made out of paper or plastic, PVC and paper cube boxes, paper or PVC pillow pack boxes, to paper trinket boxes, you can pick out the ones that fit your wedding theme the best. You can order them to be delivered to your doorstep, without causing any hassle for you and ensure that it blends in well with your wedding invitations and stationery by customising it with the same accessories you were going to use for the DIY invites. These can include ribbons, embellishments such as pearl buttons, or even feathers and more.

DIY Invitations for Weddings Craft Shop Bomboniere Favour Boxes PVC Medium Cube

Sometimes adding a thank you note or tag to the bomboniere box with a personal note would a nice touch as well, and can be done at your discretion. Check out the lovely selection of bomboniere boxes DIY Invitations has to offer and order yours today.