Ways to Make Your No Fold DIY Wedding Invitations Fabulous

Your wedding invitations are important and if you have taken on the task of DIY wedding invitations, well then you are in for a treat because you can do them up anyway you like. In this article on DIY wedding invitations, we tackle how you can use no fold invite cards and make them fabulous. Let us find out how!

When you buy yourself DIY wedding invitation kits, they come in several sizes, out of which the most popular ones are either square or rectangular. The dimensions of those DIY cards are 134mm x 134mm for the square DIY wedding cards, and for the rectangular ones, they are at 180mm x 90mm and 200mm x 90mm. No matter which size you opt for, they are always two-sided cards that are available in varying colours, depending on the theme you have chosen for your wedding.

DreamDay Invitations No Fold Square Wedding Invitations in Navy

These flat style cards can feature the name of the couple and the wedding date, and even a special saying or a line from a poem, and on the other side, the details and information as to where the wedding ceremony and reception will be held, along with RSVP information (if you would like to add those). Apart from the information you will have printed or use a calligrapher for a beautiful finish, you might also want to add a few features to accent the white spaces. These can take after the wedding theme in question and feature the following to make your no fold flat style DIY wedding invitations truly fabulous.

Adding illustrations to your DIY wedding invitation can go a long way, especially if you use it in the right amounts and balance it out. If you include the information in the centre of the paper, then you can use either opposite corner to add a beautiful accent feature. You could use flourishes that are inspired by flowers, or even floral touches, depending on what your bridal flowers will be. Some couples even opt to add illustrations after their theme or even the venue, which add a lovely locale touch to it.

DreamDay Invitations 200mm No Fold Wedding Invitations in Coral

Borders, patterns that are either bold visually or in colour, or even watermarked to create a soothing look, are great additions to your wedding invitations. Adding accessories might also be something that appeals to you, therefore adding the likes of lace, ribbons such as cloth, satin or grosgrain would be ideal.

Another way you can make your DIY wedding invites truly special is by adding a  custom motifs or monogram, or even picking one out from a few of the ones you like best and either printing, stampin’ or painting it on, to add a sense of class and personality to your wedding invitations. This could transcend into the wedding stationery suite too. You can add value to your DIY wedding invitations with the items mentioned above. Find out more by keeping an eye out on this blog!