Tri-Fold Wedding Invitations with DIY Accessories

Receiving a wedding invitation is a magical journey. Some of expect to good news, and the ones who are not aware, exclaim with joy at the happy nuptials. They imagine how great the wedding will be by taking in the how the wedding invitations are presented. If they have been handmade, then the better, because DIY wedding invitations say so much about sentiment. In this rendition of DIY Wedding Invitations, we look into how Tri-Fold DIY Wedding Invitations can be accessorised for a beautiful look and finish, all with the help of your creativity and time on your hands.

Types of Tri-Fold Wedding Invitations to DIY

Opening up a tri-fold card is almost like opening up a present, as there is mystery and suspense in its process. What it means is there are at least two folds in the card and at least three sides of surface on which you can add your information and designs. You can easily do up a tri-fold wedding invite with the right equipment like a cutting station and proper folding tools, however, that might take some time. Why not get yourself some lovely ready-made tri-fold DIY wedding invitations so that all you need to do is add your personality and little touches. The most common types of such invites are either square or DL in sizing and shape. You could go the extra mile and even add pockets, to make it a tri-fold pocket DIY invite.

DreamDay Invitations DL Tri Fold DIY Wedding Invitations in Lolly Green

DreamDay Invitations also offers you the convenience of adding your own invitation wording as well as individual guests names to each card so that you need not look at hiring a calligrapher or hand-writing each DIY invitation. All you will need to do next would be to add your own piece of magic to each card by adding design elements and trinkets and accessorise in a way you feel would look its best.

Accessorising your DIY Wedding Invitations

You have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to a tri-fold wedding invitation, so have a plan ready. If you have ordered a few samples, then draft some design and compare them and even ask for feedback from your fiancé, immediate family and your closest friends. Opt for the likes of using stamps in colour ink or even foil paper to velvet embossing gum and powder to add that extra touch. Use ribbons and trinkets with buckles and buttons that are classy or chic. Make it personal with a personal joke included somewhere in your design, like a two miniature birds hidden in the design, barely noticeable, but definitely there. When your invite card recipients see it, they will definitely think ‘how clever’.

DreamDay Invitations Square Tri Fold DIY Wedding Invitation in Pink Champagne

It is your wedding and your canvas when you opt for DIY wedding invitations. Make the most of it.

DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Everyone wants to be unique and their own person, and there are ways in which everyone has their own style to accentuate their unique personalities. When it comes to their wedding day that should also show through, because being the most important day in your life you want it to be special. Therefore, the bride and groom should find ways in which they can cohesively bring together their own personalities into their wedding invitations. A great and easy way to do that is with DIY wedding invitations. In this article, we will be looking at DIY wedding invitation ideas that you can put to either use, in the traditional way, or even add a twist the entire ensemble by adding a personal touch.

You can use DIY wedding invitation kits for a beautiful and personal creation in many ways, where you can choose from the traditional way of using the pieces of paper and then adding designs and adorning them with trims and accessories. In addition, you can add some great items to it to make it a whole lot better, such as using laser cut paper trims, stampin’ stamps, paper art and more. There is also another way, in which you can use them differently, for example, a message in a bottle, scrolls, picture books, and more.

Romantic Themes

You are thinking of a romantic theme, and want something out-of-the-box, but still warm and meaningful. You can opt for the medieval yet romantic touch of using wedding invitation scrolls or wedding invitation message boxes to carry your message to your dearest invitees, or even something truly wonderful such as a message in a bottle; this would be ideal for a beach wedding theme.

Arty Wedding Invitation

If you want something truly different, you can create the likes of a picture book or even use paper art and crafts to decorate your wedding invite. With a picture book, you can include beautiful pictures of you and your fiancé, and create something memorable for your invitees that can be kept as a keepsake as well. Paper art on the other hand, would be intricate and delicate, because you will be creating a masterpiece, with the likes of origami, layers and more.

Elegant and Intricate Designs: Laser Cut and Stamps

Laser cut treatments are beautiful, but if you do not want to spend too much on getting it done by professionals, then you can do it yourself provided you have the right equipment. Acquire those and find yourself a design you want to include in your DIY wedding invitations, and get the cutouts that you want. There is also the option of using ink stamps, where you find a design or even of the wording you want, and then stamp it onto your paper. You could also have customised stamps made for a personal feel.