What You Need to Know About Save the Dates and DIY

A Save the Date card, or ‘STD’ as it is known in the wedding planning world, is an ideal way of letting your family and friends know that there is a wedding a foot and that you would love them to join you on your special day, and of course to reserve the day for merriment and joy. There are many ways in which you can convey this message, and important when it comes to etiquette.

DreamDay Invitations Indian Wedding Stationery Suite Indian Jaya Save the Date Card in Aqua Blue

The thing about Save the Date cards is that if you are opting to use them, then it will be the first item of wedding stationery the guests will receive. If you want to create an impression, then you may need to put some thought into the design, especially if you want the wedding invitations to follow suit. However, some brides and grooms opt to have their Save the Date cards stand out from the rest of the wedding stationery, and then opt to use folded cards, to postcards and magnet cards to act as reminders, some couples even send out bookmarks that are customised to their wedding theme. Let us find out more on Save the Date cards, how you can DIY them and much more.

The main reason why one should have a Save the Date card would be for two main reasons, one being the fact that they are hosting a destination wedding or that their wedding falls on a holiday season. If you want your friends and family to attend your special day, then you need to give them prior notice so that they make the necessary arrangements to be there to share the joy. When it comes to sending out your Save the Date cards, eight months would be considered polite, giving them time to take care of financial considerations and other such things.

DreamDay Invitations Indian Wedding Stationery Suite Indian Parama Save the Date Card in Coral

When it comes to a DIY Save the Date, then you can take on much more. You could opt to use a word processor and do them yourself by selecting clip-art and putting together the save the date wording, which would usually include the names of the bride and groom, the date of the special day and of course the location. You could opt to illustrate it too, or even use fun typography. If you really want to keep it personal, then opt to have your DIY save the date as a photograph with no text whatsoever, and only featuring the wedding date and your name in banners in the photograph itself.