DIY Placemats and Napkin Bands Inspired by your DIY Wedding Invites

Table accessories are important when you want a finished look for your tables at your wedding reception. Now, if you have delightful wedding invitations sorted out, which you made yourself, then why not go the extra mile and also do up DIY placemats and DIY napkin bands, to carry on the same theme of your DIY wedding invites. You can draw the same inspiration from the wedding invites theme, and then start from there. These themes can be anything from floral designs, garden inspired elements, hearts, or even a beach theme. Some truly unique wedding invites have origami creations attached to the front facing, so why not continue that throughout your wedding stationery as well, including your placemats and napkin bands.

Here are some ways n where you can purchase yourself some DIY stationery kits for the likes of placemats and napkin bands, and add trims and accessories to make unique creations for your special day. Having categories them by floral elements, paper art and origami, and beads, buckles and diamante, here at DIY Invitations, we will present to your options which you can use, be inspired and enhance upon to make your big day truly special.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Napkin Band in Dusty Pink

DreamDay Invitation DIY Napkin Band in Dusty Pink

Floral Elements DIY Inspirations

Flowers are great inspirations for weddings, be it a specific flower in mind, the flowers of the season or even a garden. When it comes to DIY and floral elements for your wedding invites down to table accessories such as placemats and napkin bands, there are some options which you can put to use, such as the following;

  1. Flowers added to DIY Napkin Bands. You can both use a real flower, or artificial flower, and then pin it to your napkin band, to add glamour to the ensemble. You can do the same to the placemat, by adding it to a corner. The same can be done with paper as well.
  2. Burlap flowers for Napkin Bands and Placemats. You can add burlap onto the base of a DIY paper placemat to create a texture and contrast as well as make a burlap flower and pin it to the napkin band.
  3. Ribbons and Lace materials for Table Accessories. You can put ribbons and lace into great use. Not only can you make various flowers out of these materials, but also they are also great to use as placemat, be it as a lace material in whole, or intertwine ribbons and lace streamer, in a weave pattern. There are many ways to put them to use.

Paper Art and Origami DIY Inspirations

  1. Paper flowers added to DIY table accessories. You can use paper art or be creative to make floral origami and add it to the napkin band and placemat, which would be similar to the first options given in floral elements.
  2. Tissue Flowers added to DIY table accessories. Similar to paper flower, you can use tissue materials to make tissue flowers or pompoms, which can be added to your table centres, napkin bands, and placemats.
  3. Paper Doilies for Table Accessories. You can use paper doilies in varying colours, as the base of your placemat, or use then to highlight your napkin band, or even turn it into a flower.
  4. Laser cut or cutouts of designs according to your theme. If you do not want to use doilies, and want your own designs, you can use the laser cut technique on your DIY stationery, and make yourself an ornate and intricate design for your placemats and napkin bands.

Beads, Buckles and Diamante DIY Inspirations

  1. Beads for your DIY Stationery. Using a design of beads, make it as a flower, a shape, or something from your theme, can spruce up for your napkin bands and the placemats in a great way.
  2. Adding buckles to your DIY table accessories. Buckles either made out of beads or diamante, are great additions to your ensemble. Add a splash of glamour with these options.
  3. Mix and Match your Materials for your DIY table stationery and decor. Using all the options given here, you can make a beautiful array of creations that will be ideal for your big day. Choose wisely, and make samples to see for yourself and pick the best one out of the lot.
DreamDay Invitations DIY Placemat in Mocca

DreamDay Invitation DIY Placemat in Mocca