Adding a Creative Touch to your DIY Wedding Invitations & Stationery

There are ways in which you can work on your special day working towards making it your own with personalised bits and bobs. The best place to start with doing up a DIY wedding would be with the DIY wedding invitations and stationery, and if you like, even the save the dates too. How you go about doing so is up to you, but there are some truly unique ways in which you have enough and more room to let the creative process flourish! Let’s find out how.

The first step of planning any DIY wedding is to know what your vision is, and by that, you should have some form of idea or inspiration, and maybe even a draft of the wedding theme and the look of the DIY wedding invitations & stationery too. If you have an idea of how your DIY wedding stationery will look, then it’s a matter of picking out which styles will be used for what and get a hold of them by purchasing them online at a price that is a steal! Whether you are opting for pocket wedding invitations or inserts, don’t forget to get yourself envelopes too, to ensure that you have a complete and polished look to your invites and stationery. Once you have the blank canvases that are the DIY card kits, the next step is to work on transforming them into beautiful looks!

Here are some great ways in which you can alter the paper or card stock of the DIY wedding invitations and stationery.

Paper Punches

We aren’t referring to the standard boring punches we usually use to punch paper for filing, but the decorative ones that come in so many shapes and sizes. Also known as craft punches, they can offer you two types of outcomes distinctively. One would be delightful shapes in which you can punch and glue on to the invite card in a beautiful way, and the other would be to use punches to add an intricate detail to the edges of the card (such as lace or crotchet).


Stamps are fun and effective ways to transfer a design onto your DIY invitations and stationery without printing it. They can also add a personal touch if you choose custom stamps, such as a monogram or motif design. Apart from the stamps that you can get in a store, you can also create your own DIY stamps with items found inside your refrigerator, such as with potatoes, and cabbage leaves (they should be tied together to form a flower, or anything that you prefer).

Watercolour Painting

This delightful technique of transforming your wedding stationery is a truly beautiful one, but one that requires a bit of talent, especially if you are looking to draw on elements that you will see on the day of the wedding, like landscape, the venue, or florals. However, there is also the ombre effect, or similar artworks that can be added to your beautiful DIY wedding invitations.

We have more creative techniques for you to choose from, stay tuned!

DIY Invitations Square Invitation Vertical Tri-fold 145mm

Hand Painted Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Your wedding day should be the most special day of your lives, and unique to the both of you, as this a union of love & personalities. When it comes to the design and planning of your wedding, you will want it to speak volumes of your personalities and spirit. The likes of hand painted wedding invitations and stationery, is a great way to go about creating something unique, especially if the artwork in mind is personal.

DreamDay Invitations Hand Painted DIY Wedding Invitations with Colour Outside Text at Bottom Square Tri fold DIY Wedding Invite in Coral Pink

Step one would be to first get your hands on some material, that is, the card stock paper or DIY wedding invitations and stationery kit which is what you will have the artwork of your choosing hand painted on. It’s important to have a vision at this point, and also ensure that you have the necessary skills, time and patience to go through it. If the latter is something you are unsure about, that is, in terms of skills, time, or even patience, it is a good idea to employ someone to do a beautiful job for you. It could be a friend, relative, or even an artist who is willing to make a beautiful creation to be hand painted onto your wedding invitations and stationery.

In terms of the wedding stationery, what you will be looking at would be the reply cards, order of service cards, directions & accommodations cards, wishing well & registry cards, place mats, napkin bands, menu cards, table numbers, bomboniere labels & cards, and not forgetting thank you cards. These are part of the DIY wedding invitation and stationery kits available, but you need not opt for all the options. Pick and choose which ones you want to go with and then have those ready for the magic to flow through.

There are many styles of art that you can use on these DIY wedding invitations, whether you are looking to great artists for inspiration and their styles, or you have something in mind already. From landscapes to portrait art, to illustrations, pop art, inspirations from street-art and graffiti and much more. If you have a style that you want to portray, from elegant to modern and even casual, then there is no stopping you from getting the most beautiful and unique wedding invites out there. Adding all these personal touches will truly make this a beautiful day, with all the stationery that has been done up personally for the wedding and more.

Take points and make your wedding day just as unique, with hand-painted wedding invitations and stationery.

DreamDay Invitations Rose Watercolour Square Vertical Invitation in Pink Inspiration for Hand Painted DIY Wedding Invitations

Inspirations for Hand-drawn and Hand Painted DIY Wedding Invitation

When we go out in to the world, and wherever we look, we find inspiration. When we look at a blank canvas, inspiration comes to us from the things we have seen and experienced. Therefore, when it comes to the most special day of your life, and you are about to embark on creating your DIY wedding invitations, inspiration will come to you.

A great way of coming up with beautiful DIY wedding invitations, is to personalise it, in a way that is more than doing up a wedding invitation yourself. Using inspiration from whatever wedding element you put to use, or even inspiration from the venue itself, you can make your DIY wedding invite beautiful, sentimental and trendy. What is this trend? As the title says, hand drawing or hand painting is the focal wedding element on your DIY wedding invitations.

Focal Theme Elements

Most couples enjoy using a focal element to make their wedding stand out. This is usually in line with the theme they are planning on using. What is meant by focal themes is that it takes a specific item or element from the overall inspiration and design and is used thorough varying areas of the wedding, from the wedding invitations to the stationery and decor as well. You can opt to use the likes of any of the below mentioned.


Floral weddings and inspirations drawn from the floral accents and elements of the big day is quite common, but do not let that bit of information let you down because how you go about doing is where the uniqueness lies. Whether you are choosing roses or cherry blossoms, how you draw or paint it on your DIY wedding invite is true to yours and yours alone. An example of a floral illustrated floral wedding invitation would be Rose Watercolour.


Along the same lines of how you paint a picture of a flower, you can do so with fruits. Weddings nowadays, you tend to find fruits used in the decor itself, from apples, pears, to grapes and pomegranate. Put a twist into your wedding with a fruity theme.


Foliage can be considered floral, but when it has come to decor and taking inspiration from it, you tend to lean towards these beautiful scenes of creeping ivy or beautiful leaves you would find in various times of the year.


Fauna can be anything from a cute bunny rabbit to lovebirds. A popular trend would be using lovebirds and cages in the wedding decor, where if you are using a birdcage for the centrepieces you can tie it in with lovebirds on your DIY wedding invitations.

Portrait or Silhouettes

Portraits are quite lovely if done by a talented artist, in a beautiful and romantic setting and set in your wedding invitations at the very bottom, setting of a lovely balance between art and etiquette. If you want to a little chic, then opt for silhouettes of you and your fiancé that will be featured on the very top.

Motif or Monogram

Similar to the silhouette setting, you can include a motif such as the family crest, a theme element or a monogram of your initials entwined together.

Venue and Location

A beautiful way of featuring your venue would be to have it drawn or painted on your wedding invitation. This way you will not only be infusing the place you are getting married at forever in your minds but also making it a unique way of giving away the location of your venue to your guests. Even if they have a map and directions card in hand, instantly recognising the venue from your wedding invitation would be a lovely gesture.

Design or Pattern

Many do designs or patterns, whether it is as a border or as a specific area of the wedding invite. Some couples opt to choose a dark colour for the design or pattern on a white base, but nowadays an inverted effect is quite popular. Any of the above mentioned focal elements can be used to create a design, and if not there are way ways in which a pattern can be used, from various inspirations from damask to chevron and much more.


Borders are lovely ways to add a distinctive appeal to your wedding invite and you can draw inspiration from your dress itself. If there is a pattern or a lace design on your beautiful wedding dress that you have chosen, you can put it to use by mimicking the design and drawing it out on your DIY wedding invitations.

Theme Illustrations

Theme illustration is considered a great trend that is customisable to couples, you could even tell your love story in the form of an illustration. From a simple drawing of the couple to the setting of the wedding, there are so many ways in portraying things with the use of illustrations if you let your imagination soar.