Fun Ways to Accessorise Your Wedding Invitations

If you are a DIY bride, looking for a fabulously done up wedding with personal touches and a unique twist on the elements, then you can also find fun ways to accessorise your DIY wedding invitations beyond paper means. For those DIY brides who want some unique wedding invitations, here are some ways in which you can add your own touch of magic into your message of love.

You can use anything and everything when you want to add a little fun to your handmade wedding invitations. The way you do so could very well be part of your wedding theme, with inclusion of accessories that you would have handy and already planned out. It’s just a matter of adding that little thing onto your DIY stationery, and voila, presto you’ll have gone the extra mile to making them truly personalised. Here are some trendy ways in which you can do just that.

DIY Invitations Stationery

Add a Stitch of Love: Stitching in some detailing or even adding a bit of fabric would be a nice touch. Some DIY wedding invitation have a seam stitch at the folding location, while have been seen to feature hearts, monograms and other design elements, whether its in running, back, half, three-quarter, cross, chain stitch, and embroidery.

Bellybands: You can bundle your DIY wedding invitations and stationery with a band that goes around the belly of the cardstock. This could either be done using creative paper bellybands or even fabric/thread band. Either way, you can add little trinkets to make it more exciting, like a monogram stitched onto a fabric band, beads attached to the thread work and so on.

Envelope Liners: Add a little wonder to the first thing that your invitees will see when they receive your masterpiece creation – the envelope. Adding liners to the inside of the flap can make it more interesting, and you can do it in a few lovely ways, such as fabric, print/pattern, doily, photograph prints, and lace liners. You could go the extra mile and create an envelope in the way you like it, making it not just a DIY wedding invitation, but also the envelope too. This could be with recycled paper, paper doilies and even a crisp invitation box.

Custom Postage Stamp: If you want to personalise your DIY wedding invitation further, why not try out a custom postage stamp, or even themed postage stamps. Make sure to follow the correct procedure to getting this down in your country to avoid time issues when sending out your lovely DIY wedding invitations and stationery.

Using Labels and Borders in your DIY Wedding Invitations

Styling your wedding can include many items and elements, but most of it is displayed in the likes of your wedding invitations and other stationery. If you are a DIY bride and like the use of labels and borders to add detailing to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery, then read on as you can gather insight into what you can do to transform your creations into something magical.

The choice of labelling or use of frames relates to the style you choose; whether it’s a traditional or modern style, and accordingly, the design, shaping and elements put into it will transform your overall wedding invite design as a whole. However, when borders are put into place, it essentially falls on the fact that the design that is set within the border(s) is considered of traditional or modern design.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Borders

Traditional designs tend to be more intricate, rounded or with a lot of detailing pertaining to the era of style design, whereas modern designs look towards more sleek or crisp lines which can be accented with colour or even with a fusion of various styles. This factors into labelling, frames, and borders as well, but are different when put into context.

If you take labels and frames into consideration, the types of designs and shapes differ according to the styling you opt for and the following are some options that you can definitely use in your DIY wedding invitations. These designs are ideal whether you are opting to use stickers, stamps, or printed labels, or even, illustrated onto your DIY stationery for your wedding. In terms of the border you want to use, it can be anything from the likes of filigree, damask, stripes, or any other pattern that may go with the traditional or modern styling that you have chosen for your DIY wedding invitations.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Label Designs

As border designs are straightforward, we will look into the different types of labels you might choose to go with, and some examples in terms of theme, shape, and design.

  • Classical Vintage Framing with Old World Inspirations: This features ornate designs with floral, leaf and similar motifs and is usually rounded in design, as either a circle or oval design.
  • Elegant Brocade Designs with Victorian Inspirations: Feature shapes such as square, rectangle or even ovals and circles with an elegant brocade working featured in the border skirting of the label shape. You can add foil printing to this to make it pop.
  • Shapes within Shapes: This type include a design on the outer shape such as square or a rectangle with a circular or oval shape in it, and the designs or patterns will be featured within the space of the two shapes.
  • Borders on Label Shapes: This features an intricate edge design such as lace added to the skirting of the shape to make it stand out, whereas the shape of the label in itself stands out in a different colour
  • Retro Shapes and Designs: This features a modern but retro look where you have your standard shapes for labels, some with rounded corners and others with more personality added to it, but the pop of colour and distinctive modern patterns makes it stand out.

Hardcover Invitations for Weddings and Other Special Events

In a lifetime, you’ll come across many events, whether it’s when you are a little toddler, half of which you do not remember, or a grown-up heading towards a beautiful wedding, or even a company looking towards a great celebration. All these events require one thing, and that would be an invitation. Today, we at DIY Invitations will be putting our focus on Hardcover Invitations, and as to how great they are when it comes to weddings and other special events.

These types of invitations are ideal, frankly, because they are hardy. Solid and stately, your hardcover invitations would look regal in its magnificence, as the paper directly complements the designs and texture it is meant to have, and all this can easily be seen by your invitees. If you are using this type of option for a wedding invitation, it could be considered ideal because you are saying something when you send out hardcover wedding invitations. One such statement is that you have put a lot of thought into your design, and opting for a durable invite type says that you are thinking about your invitees as well as looking into the styling and class of sending an invitation that is of such quality.

DIY Invitations Peacock Hardcover Invitations

The next best thing about these invite cards is that due to its hardy nature, you are able to accompany other items of stationery along with the primary attraction, being the invite itself. Usually, for various events, you opt to include a reply card, also known as a R.S.V.P. card. In such cases, you might need a cover or folder of sorts, which gives it the proper protection. In the case of weddings, you might add more information, such as a registry card, wishing well card, directions and accommodation just to name a few. All these items can be a bit problematic when you pile it inside a card that does not have the capacity to hold it. With the likes of pocket invites, you can carry all this information, in a easy, neat and concise manner, but if you go down the hardcover invitation route, then you are opting for the better solution, because you are assured of a quality product.

DIY Invitations Starfish Themed Gold Hardcover Invitations

If you are opting for the DIY hardcover invitations route, just order up a few of the invite and stationery kits in the colour, paper option and texture that you desire, and add you own touch of wonder into each item and neatly include it in your readymade hardcover invite package. It’s quite easy, for you, your mind and your wallet.

DIY Wedding Invitations Ideas for 2013

We all want our weddings to be spectacular, unique, and memorable. The first item we send to our guests and invitees is the wedding invitation. Shouldn’t it be spectacular, unique, and memorable too? That’s why we’ve come up with a few DIY wedding invitations ideas that you can be inspired to do for yourself.

Animal Prints – Designs and patterns, whether they are traditionally taken right out of the jungle or jazzed up in your own colour scheme for your wedding, you can spruce up your DIY wedding invitation either with these prints that you can purchase, print or even stamp with ink.

Modern Floral Illustrations – Big and bold floral illustrations have always been loved and will continue to do so, especially when you mix things up with the choices of colour. A singular floral element, or even an archipelago of them sporadically placed, makes a great impact especially with contrasts being put into place.

Clean Line Patterns – Chevron, Zigzag and other mod patterns that go great with pops of colour makes a great impact when put into use with your wedding stationery.

Doodle Designs & Illustrations – There is something really great about your own designs and illustrations being put into your message of love, even if it’s a doodle that you drew day-dreaming about your fiancé. You can truly personalise your DIY wedding invites this way.

Monograms, Motifs and Custom Designs – This design style to personalise your big day will always be a hit with any bride or groom, as it truly makes it special. Be sure to put some thought into your design, or have a professional help you with your vision.

Simple Textual Design with Solo Illustration – A typography trend that is a great hit with bridal couples involves a textual design that mixes one illustrated design for that pop to go with the awesome use of typography in the DIY wedding invitation, or custom design.

Accessorise with Belly Bands and Ribbon Cuts – Pocket-wedding invites are great because they let you be organised but there are other options, which are so easy to DIY, such as bellybands, where you can bundle everything together. You can also use the likes of ribbon cuts where the contents slide into the area between the cuts and ribbon inserts.

Border Magic – Adding a pop of colour or even a contrast makes for a great addition to your DIY wedding invitation. This can be with a foil, or a black lining or even a neon shade (if you are up for it and it goes with your wedding theme).

Try these great DIY wedding invitations ideas and make your big day a memorable one.

The Invitation Boxes Trend

They say that presentation is everything, and that saying isn’t more applicable to than when planning the perfect wedding. Your invitation for the wedding in itself is a representation of the actual day, therefore, a lot of thought has to go into it to make sure the first impression your family, friends and other guests perceive is what you intended. That is why we all go through the various processes of selecting, designing, proofing, and also gathering opinions and feedback on the choices you have so far. Nevertheless, back to presentation, especially that of your wedding invitations, a great trend is afoot, one that is known as the wedding invitation boxes trend.

What is it, you may ask! It’s about presenting your invitations for your wedding neatly in an organised manner in a beautiful wedding box that fits your invite and other stationery in perfectly.

Rigid Invitation Box

You will come across a variety of choices of wedding invitation boxes to neatly package your delightfully done up DIY wedding invitations. These range according to shape, sizing, the type of box as well as the material and colours you choose. If you have selected a DIY wedding invitation kit and suite, then you can opt for the ones that best suit your look. Remember, presentation is important. The options include 150×150 Square, DL sized as well as A5, with choices of paper that includes Matt, Glossy, Kraft, and Star Dream Crystal Paper.

For your handmade wedding invites to be protected, each type of invitation box has been created in a way that blends in well as a whole package. The type of paper you choose and well as the colour can compliment your creation, and this goes on further with the types of textures that are on offer at DIY Invitations. Whilst choosing your invitation kits or even contacting a designer to do up your handmade invitation, make sure to also peruse the available option so that you get a whole package. These boxes are suitable to be sent via post as they are rigid enough for the process of delivery.


Invitation Boxes


Depending on the sizing you choose, square (150x150mm) or DL (110x220mm), and even A5 (210x150mm) the depth of each box spans at 13mm internally, giving you enough room to not only include the DIY invitations but also other stationery that usually accompanies it such as the reply cards, accommodations and directions cards and even gift registry card. You will definitely make a statement with your wedding invitation boxes, and the best part is that your invitees can used it again and again, or even keep it as keepsake.