You are your very own person, and that being so, you are entering a new world of adventure and discoveries with another person for life, is an exciting and unique feeling. For your wedding you want everything to be just right, have the right touches, and the essence of both your personalities combined. You want something that is empowered by personality and that is unique. The best way to go this for your wedding day is to undertake some of the wedding elements and planning under your own wing.  And one such element would be to come up with your very own unique DIY wedding invitations, handmade by you with your own ideas.

Bold Colour Text at Bottom Square Invitation and Pocket in Silver Unique DIY Wedding Invitations Colour Outside Text at Bottom Square Insert No Fold in Coral Unique DIY Wedding Invitations Bold Colour Text on Right DL No Fold Invitation 200mm in Teal Unique DIY Wedding Invitations

Have the paper or invitations professionally printed and prepared ready for your own creative influences, saving you time and the hassle of possible printing problems.If you put your heads together and decide on exactly what you want featured on your unique DIY wedding invitations, then you are halfway there. Let’s look at some unique wedding invitations ideas, which you can use to make your wedding invite truly something special, and of course memorable. We have featured here,  a few ways of going about your diy wedding invites, as well as some accessories you can put to use in the creation of your own personal wedding stationery collection.  From scrolls, to using boxes, and even a romantic message in a bottle, these are just some ideas for you to use on your unique DIY wedding invitations.

Scroll Wedding Invitations

Scrolls are historical and cultural items that have been around for ages. But the question is how many of us have actually even considered using scrolls as wedding invitations. These unique DIY wedding invitations are not only easy to produce, but they almost have the same procedure. First and foremost, you’ll need the base paper which will include the invitation itself. You can have it printed or illustrated professionally, leaving you only to put it together as you wish.

Boxes and Wedding Invitations

Specially crafted wedding invitations boxes are a nice touch when presentation is paramount. You can find many kinds of boxes, in various designs and styles that will fit your wedding invitations perfectly for your own unique DIY wedding invitations. The upside of using invitations boxes, is that you can include little trinkets in them, and also if your unique DIY wedding invitation will include a lot of delicate accessories, then you are assured that it won’t get damaged during the mailing process.

Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitation

A message in a bottle is such a romantic gesture,  one that says so much, and what a wonderful way of bringing your invites good news than in a beautiful creation like this. Much like the scroll wedding invitations, you can use the same process to come up with the invite itself. Have it professionally printed on quality paper with all the wedding details, your names and personal romantic verses ready for insertion into pretty little bottles. However, obviously you will need to acquire bottles, and if you’d like you can fill up the bottom with trinkets, beads, sand, tiny pebbles, tiny seashells and other little things that would make it truly special.

Apart from the wedding invitation ideas, a great way to make unique, DreamDay Invitations has a fabulous range of DIY wedding invitations with accessories and little embellishments. We have featured a few accessories for your unique DIY wedding invitations, from the joy of paper flowers, which is an art in itself, damask and embossed or textured handmade paper to lace & ribbons which can be adorned on the wedding invitation to your own personal liking, or the use of leaf skeletons to make an imprint on the invite, or even the art of ‘stamping’. There are many things you can use to make your unique DIY wedding invitations truly wonderful. Always make a sample of what you have in mind, to figure out whether it comes out the way you want it to. Good luck!