If you are looking for a way for your special day to stand out, especially when you have decided to go with a DIY wedding, start with the DIY wedding invitations and move on to the stationery and decor by adding a special element or material to make it stand out, like lace! Lace has been around since the Middle Ages. By adding this ornate yet delicate feature on to your DIY wedding invitations and other design elements, you will be truly making a statement. Let’s find out ways in which you can use lace in your DIY wedding!

Types of Lace Trims

There are various types of lace, from trims to fabric, to the styling it is used and not forgetting the intricate designs. Usually the designs found on lace work around the styling, whether it’s for edging, a gallon, inserts or for use as motifs, appliqués and medallions. Other types of lace include filet lace (the netting type), Venetian lace, bridal lace and more. These can all be used in your DIY wedding in one way or another.

Incorporating Lace into Your DIY Wedding Invitation

One of the easiest ways to do up your DIY wedding invitation is by adding a beautiful piece of lace onto the design, and strategically placing it to blend with the other elements, in terms of layout, alignment and the likes.  You can put lace into play in various ways with different inspirations. One way would be to actually use lace trim, whilst other ways would be to be inspired by lace and imprint the design onto your invitation card either with a stamp or a silhouette spray (by placing the lace onto the card and spraying over it in a contrasting colour), or using a punch with a lace design to get the desired effect. The latter two are pretty straightforward, but when it comes to using actual lace on your DIY wedding invitation, you will have to consider placements and how they will work with other elements you might want to feature on the front facing of the card.

Traditionally, the card cover features the names of the bride and groom and the date of the nuptials. But there’s no reason why you can opt out and just use lace as the focal element, with embellishments to bring it all together, with a satin band and a buckle too. If you are opting to blend the lace in with the text on the front, then consider adding the lace on the four corners, aligned in one corner or as a band. These are just some suggestions for you to consider. Play around with the lace you prefer with a draft before committing and executing your DIY wedding invitation design.

Lace DIY Wedding Decor

The best part of lace is that you can use it anywhere, not just the bridal attire and the DIY wedding invitations, but the decor too. You can use it with the floral arrangements, on tablescapes as a table runner, as well as an aisle runner for the ceremony. Use lace streamers with fairy lights or even lace covered DIY globe lantern to add to the ambience, for a beautiful DIY wedding.

Keep these suggestions in mind when you are thinking of using lace in your wedding, and make it a truly romantic affair!

DIY Lace Wedding Invitations