Creating a memorable handmade wedding can be at times difficult if you don’t know where to start, or know where to get your materials from. But, it’s okay; we at DIY Invitations can help you along the way.

First off, understand what you consider a memorable handmade wedding. Figure out what will make you and your spouse happy in terms of what your dream wedding should be, what your budget is and what you think would make your special day stand out. Research into some trends and find out ways in which you can DIY them or alternatives to get that same look, do up a draft of your DIY wedding vision and you will be on your way. Now, when it comes to getting the materials for your DIY wedding, it revolves around what you are doing on your own.

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At DIY Invitations, if you require stationery materials for your wedding then we are happy to help. From DIY wedding invitation templates, wedding paper which includes speciality paper, matching envelopes (be it for the wedding invitations, RSVP or even the custom wedding guest book you are creating), to wedding bomboniere boxes, embellishments (such as brooches and clusters for your bomboniere boxes or even to act as appliqués for your invitations and even place cards) and other accessories for your wedding day.

To make things easier for your, apart from the blank wedding paper and speciality paper that we have in stock for your choosing, across various shapes & sizes, textures, treatments and colours, we also have templates for you in case you have a specific look that you need and would rather have in hand a ready-to-work on product than having to do it all by yourself. This saves time and effort as well as you will have more money in your wallet for other wedding items (as you need not have to purchase items that you might have needed if you have to do it all from scratch). These templates come in sizes which can fit into the wedding envelopes available online as well. Our DIY Invitations online store also allows you to customise your DIY wedding invitation’s wording so that all you need to do is put it all together for a beautiful handmade wedding invitation.

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