Hearty “Congratulations” are in order! You are soon to be wed. It’s always a cause for great joy when the news arrives. If you want to make it special by opting for a personalised wedding, then start with your DIY wedding invitations to make an everlasting mark, and also a great keepsake for your guests and invitees too.  Here are some great tips on how you can personalise your DIY invitations for your handmade wedding!
DIY Invitations Embossed Wedding Speciality Paper Faux Diamante Embellishments Card and Paper Stock

The first step in creating your handmade wedding invitations is to form a vision of what style or theme you want your wedding to be and thereafter the type of materials you would like to feature. Draft a few ideas for your designs and make samples and compare them alongside each other, as well as individually to decide which one to opt for. You can also try out some personalised details into your draft such as a custom photograph, a monogram, coat of arms, motif, custom typography and much more.

Use card stock as your base if you are opting for a flat card that requires a bit of sturdiness, and paper stock if you are opting for a folded card as it easier to form creases neatly.  You can purchase speciality wedding paper too, be it embossed, glittered, flocked, foiled or screen printed. Based on the draft of your wedding invitation design, it can be used as an all over pattern, a border, or shaped to cover a certain area to highlight the focal element (such as the names of the bridal couple and the wedding date and possibly even the venue).

Certain invitations companies such as DIY Invitations and DreamDay Invitations, allows you to customise your invitation wording (with Printable Invitation Templates in the case of DIY Invitations), so that it is truly a personalised DIY wedding invite card even before you start adding the design touches such as the speciality paper and embellishments. Consider this option for a professional way to make a handmade invite card. If not, you can opt for your own handwriting or even employ a calligrapher.

The next step is to combine all the design elements, that is, the likes of the speciality paper onto the card or paper stock, as well as the various trims such as ribbons and bows, embellishments such as brooches or buckles, and accessories such as adding a photograph or a magnet to your DIY wedding invitation. These little add-ons will make a wonderful difference, but remember not to go overboard. Know when to say ‘enough’.

The first thing that your invitees will see will be the wedding invitation envelope, and there are many ways to make them interesting. One way is to select an envelope that suits the look and shape of your wedding invitation design. Another way would be to opt for the envelope addressing to be printed by DIY Invitations, which is really convenient for you.  Some brides and grooms opt for customised stamps too which is a fun thing to do. However, an easy way would be to use customised envelope seals and also envelope liners for that added punch of glam to your wedding invitation ensemble. Adding those little touches, such as lining an illustration with a metallic ink pen or even adding a handwritten note really makes the difference in not just standing out, but also making it a true keepsake DIY wedding invitation.