Everyone wants their wedding invitations to stand out amongst the crowd. You want to add your own personality and personal touch to you’re wedding invitations creating your own romantic and stunning card to leave your guests in awe. The perfect start is diy wedding invitations from Dreamday Invitations.

Start with a diy wedding invitations template professionally printed with your bride and groom names and all your wedding details in a colour to match your wedding theme. Dreamday diy wedding invitations gives your options for a number of different text locations on the front cover, giving you freedom to choose from a number of treatments and finishes. Your wedding invitations will arrive quickly to your door ready for your handcrafted finish.

There is literally a multitude of treatments you can apply to your printed diy wedding invitations to create a masterpiece you will be proud of.

Shop around at craft shops or scrapbooking shops for beautiful themed printed papers that may be ideally suited to your particular wedding theme. Or maybe find some gorgeous flocked damask paper, or handmade textured paper, embossed or foiled parchments, pretty rice papers or tissue. Cut them to perfect size deciding whether you only want to feature a band, or 2/3 of the cover. Tip – work with 1/3’s, it always looks better. Shield any part of the invitation you don’t want glue on and use spray glue on both the card and the paper, allow it to partially dry and become tacky then fasten your fancy paper to the front of the invitation, smoothing from one end being careful not to crease the paper when attaching. Trim with scissors if you need. If you intent to add trim of ribbon or lace with buckles etc, be sure to cut your paper exactly the right size and attach your ribbon along the edge of paper before you glue, tucking in the ends of ribbon under the paper for a neat look. You can’t trim the paper if your have attached ribbon.

Add delicate laces with embroided edges along the edge of the paper, or elegant satin or organza ribbons threaded through slightly smaller diamante buckles, or thread delicate organza through pearls at various intervals and place 3 or 5 strands along the paper edge tucking in the ends before you glue for a neat finish.

Another way of attaching papers is to use paper fasteners with diamante or pearl tips and layer 3 or 4 varying size pieces of complimentary patterns and colours on top of one another, leaving the top layer for a photo or your names printed in scripty fonts..

Use pretty papers as a band only and attach silk or dried flowers and leaves as an accent.

Decorate the base card with trimmings of delicate pressed flowers, (pressed lavender looks amazing), tiny shells, organza butterflies, cinnamon sticks, feathers, fake fur, imitation wedding rings, small gold or silver wedding bells, pearls, rhinestones, small decorative hearts, tiny doves or cupids.

Ornamental imitation starfish look fantastic when glued over a band of sand. ( mask off areas not to be sanded and use spray glue and immediately sprinkle with clean dry sand before the glue dries). Perfect for a seaside wedding theme!

Tie your invitations around with thin satin ribbon in a complementary colour, or use leather thronging or raffia. Attach beautiful crystals, beads, diamonte hearts, tassles or small painted wooden motifs to hang from the bow.

For a funky look, try purchasing or making tiny bow ties and attach with a glue gun.

Look around craft shops for inspiration, you will find something that will ideal for you, and invest in a glue gun, it will be invaluable.

There is no limit to the finishes and embellishment you can use to beautify your diy wedding invitations, so order your Dreamday diy wedding invitations templates, get your imagination going, get creative, and you will soon have the most outstanding romantic and personal wedding invitations that you will adore and be proud to announce your wedding plans on.