Weddings and Parties: DIY Bomboniere Tags, Gift Boxes, Party Bags

Whether you are looking for DIY bomboniere tags, gift boxes and bags for your wedding day or for a special event (be it a personal or corporate function), there are many choices in store for you. For you to decide on which item is best suited for you, we’ve highlighted four types of DIY stationery kits that are available to you. These include the likes of labels for gifts, DIY bomboniere tags/labels for boxes, gift bag labels/tags, and party bag labels & kits.

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Labels for Gifts – If you’re thinking about personalised bombonieres/favours for your wedding or special event, you might want to personalise them with a custom label. Whether you’re choosing a design for your label or you would prefer a clear label with foil printing, that’s up to you. Gifts that can be given with a label attached include soap, perfume/spa bottles, candles/candle bottles, decorative ornaments, wine bottles and more. Whether you’re opting to include them in a box or bag later, you can still personalise them with the names of the bride and groom along with the wedding date if it’s a wedding or brand it with the company information if it’s a corporate event. These are just easy ways to add your own DIY bomboniere tag/label straight onto the gift.

DIY Bomboniere Tags/Labels for Boxes – If you are thinking of having bombonieres/favours for your wedding or special event (whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party or any other special occasion), it’s always nicer and neater when packaged nicely. There are many choices of bomboniere or gift boxes available for your selection, where they range from noodle boxes, pillow boxes, cube to rectangle boxes of paper and clear plastic variety for better aesthetics. As you place your (often personalised) bombonieres/gifts into these boxes, you may want to add DIY bomboniere tags or labels that lets your invitees or guests know how you’ve kept them in mind when planning.

Gift Bag Labels/Tags – Similar to that of the bomboniere/gift boxes, you can do the same by labelling or tagging your gift bags with personalised labels including the event details, the names of the bride and groom with the wedding date if it’s a wedding or the corporate event information if it’s a corporate party, or simply adding a note of thanks with the name of the intended recipient along with the DIY bomboniere gift tags/labels.

Party Bag Labels & Kits – If your event is more casual, such as that of a kiddie birthday party, you might want to choose the party bag kits which comes with the option of personalising each kit with the design of your choice to match the party theme. You can also add the name of each party bag recipient to make it easier for you. As these are clear bags, you can add in colourful trinket gifts or candies and more.

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Using Printable Invitations Templates for Your DIY Wedding

Sometimes, when we really want to do something on our own, we need a little guidance. That’s what the printable invitation templates do. When it comes to your DIY wedding invitations which you really want to work on yourself, knowing that the important aspects from selecting the wedding paper to the wedding invitation printing (with the wedding invitations wording too and not to mention the individual guest name printing on both the invite and the wedding invitation envelope) can be taken care of with a few clicks and taps is such a relief. Once all that is done and you get them in hand, all you need to do is add the custom touches thereafter.

With a printable invitations template, you can really do so much in terms of design because of the various options available to you. You aren’t limited to a specific design, shape or even size. The selection made available to you is quite vast, and it’s also up to you to decide on the paper quality, colour and what the invitation wording should say.

When it comes to the shape and sizes of the DIY wedding invitation via the templates, you get a pick of the likes of the following from the pre-cut and scored DIY wedding invitations such as a folded invite, pocket invitations, tri-fold invites, flat cards, DL folded invite card, passport themed and boarding pass themed wedding invitations too. These can be accented in any way you like and wish to match the wedding theme you have picked out. However, out of this lot, the destination printable DIY wedding invitation templates stand out. If you were to pick a passport themed invitation card, you would see for yourself a beautiful rich blue cover with a foiled design and the name of the couple. Within you will find papers that resemble passport information inclusive of a placement for a photograph of the happy couple.

DIY Invitations Pre Cut and Scored DIY Wedding Invitations Passport Style

Another twist on a unique DIY wedding invitation shape in line with a destination theme would be a boarding pass. How awesome is that? Being handed a boarding styled wedding invitation that says, “We are doing something different, and we’d like you to come!” Just like the passport styled wedding invite card that you can DIY, you can also add custom touches from the invitation wording prior to print and afterwards with technique we’ve mentioned on our blog before, such as watercolours, colour resist and much more.

DIY Invitations Lace DIY Wedding Invitations Embellishments and Designs

Invitations aren’t the only item of stationery available as printable invitations templates. You also get the likes of r.s.v.p. cards, directions & accommodation cards, wishing well cards, wine labels, thank you cards, envelope seals, bomboniere tags, and much more for your choosing. A DIY wedding is a breeze with printable invitations templates.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Wax Resist Techniques

If you are creative, you’ve probably got a lot of great ideas swimming around in your noggin. But, if you are looking for some inspiration on what to do for your DIY invitations for your wedding, we’ve got this great technique for you to try. All you will need is some card or paper stock which you can easily get from our DIY Invitations online store, some white wax (non-water soluble) crayons, watercolour paint, wax (parchment) paper, a pencil something to trace your design with (such as a tracing pen or even a pin) and either a sponge or paintbrush.

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Firstly, figure out a look that you want. Do you just want to go ahead with an illustration using this technique? Would you a focal feature in your DIY wedding invitation design? Do you want to pair it up with a pattern, or do you want to include this design as part of a trim (such as a layer for a layered DIY wedding invite).  Once you have a general idea on what to do then you are ready for the next step, but in case you don’t, there’s no harm in doing up a few DIY wedding invitation samples for your family and close friends to vote on and decide.

Secondly, if you have decided that you want to do up an illustration, a focal design feature or even a pattern, then that’s great. Here’s what you will need to do before you start working your magic. You need to stencil out your illustration onto the likes of wax paper. This will allow you to easily transfer the illustration onto the required number of DIY wedding invitations covers. You do this by keeping your drafted illustration on the bottom and then tracing over it with a pencil. Then you take one of the invitations, and on the front you start tracing over it with a tracing pen or any other item that serves the purpose such as a pin or even a fountain pen (without the ink). The point is that it needs to leave an indentation on the card stock or paper stock so that the illustration is visible to a certain extent. The very same applies to a focal design. However, if you are opting to play with colour atop a pattern such as leaving certain areas of a pattern white or a coloured in section separated to the rest, then make sure you transfer the pattern in via stamps or print and then set about using the crayon resist technique.

Once this is all ready, what you need to do is trace over the area that you do not want coloured in with watercolour, be it the illustration, design or the pattern. Afterwards you can use either the sponge or a brush, use some watercolour mixed with water and start blotting onto the paper as you see fit. You will notice that whichever area the crayon was applied to, the watercolour will not stick and will stand out. This is how you go about creating a truly unique and sensational DIY wedding invitation with just a few simple materials.

DIY Wedding Invitations Paper for Wax Colour Resist Technique

Stay tuned for more unique DIY wedding invitations ideas here on our blog.

Ideas for your DIY Wedding Invitations & Stationery

If you are brainstorming on how to make your DIY wedding a hit, we have some ideas and tips for you to add to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery to make it a little bit more fun and unique.

Playing with Shapes

Shapes are such fun, aren’t they? You can easily transform you DIY wedding invitations and other stationery into fun wedding items by using those scissors (or possibly even a cutter). They either can be square, rectangular, round, triangular or even a hexagon. The possibilities are endless. Get yourself some lovely wedding paper, be it the smooth, with a sheen or textured or even speciality paper and make it count by adding them to your look inspired by shape. Geometry and dimensions are a big trend nowadays, so find out if you can play with those as inspiration to make your DIY wedding invitation something truly unique.

DIY Wedding Invitations Shapes such a Stylish DIY Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

Add a Little Flair

There are many ways you can add flair to your DIY wedding invitations and other stationery, whether it’s accompanying the wedding invites or for the day of the wedding. One such way would be to use trims to a) add said flair and/or b) tie it all together. Lace is one such trim that you can use. There are many types of lace out there and various styles to it. It can be used as a border, a belly band or even as the base in a layered handmade wedding invitation. But you could also find lace that is dramatic, such as a considerably big piece of design such as paisley or damask, cut out that specific design and past it onto your DIY wedding invitations and then glue on rhinestones or pearl beads to add a finishing touch.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Lace Trims, Rhinestone and Pearl Embellishments

Put it in a Box

Presentation is important whether it’s your wedding day or any other day in your personal life. The way you present yourself matters, and as your wedding invitation is an extension of the love you have for one another, shouldn’t it be given the respect of having a great means of presentation too? Why not opt for an easy to assemble DIY wedding invitation box to really set the tone of. This will amplify the look and also let your invitees know the thought you put into such a wonderful DIY wedding invite.

It’s these little add-on and accents that are truly the memorable pieces that when coupled with the shape of your DIY wedding invitations and the way you present it (whether it’s within a custom envelope or invitation box), it jumps out at you and surprises you in a fantastic way.

DIY Wedding Invitations presented inside a Stylish Hardy Wedding Invitation Box

Images include: DIY Wedding Invitations Shapes such a Stylish DIY Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation & DIY Wedding Invitations presented inside a Stylish Hardy Wedding Invitation Box by DIY Invitations, DIY Wedding Invitations with Lace Trims, Rhinestone and Pearl Embellishments. Image by TrendyMods

DIY Bomboniere Box Embellishments

DIY bomboniere boxes are a great way to add a splash of personality  to your wedding and save money! While bombonieres are typically small tokens that a couple give wedding guests to show their appreciation and affection, bombonieres and the box it’s displayed in come in a variety of styles and designs to suit different price ranges.

Different Types of DIY Bomboniere Boxes

A traditional favourite that’s still extremely popular, standard cubed DIY bomboniere boxes come in a plethora of sizes to fit a selection of different gifts. Including a separate lid that either lifts off entirely or just flips open, these two-piece boxes are usually available in white cardstock which makes a great canvas for your DIY design elements or in clear PVC if you prefer to let your guests see what’s inside immediately.

While the standard shape is popular, there are other types of DIY bomboniere boxes that have been crafted to suit unique wedding styles. Pillow bomboniere boxes are a cute way to package something light like a scarf  or personalised candy and have openings at both ends that need to be squeezed gently to reveal the favour inside. Unique DIY box designs resembling take-out boxes in heavy cardstock have also become trendy in the wedding circuit and are used to package anything from fortune cookies to jars of homemade jam.

When adding embellishments and decorating your DIY bomboniere boxes keep your wedding theme in mind for a streamlined look that’s simple without being overcrowded. Experiment with unusual design elements like leaves for an autumn wedding or exquisite embellishments such as brooches, starfish clusters, buckles, buttons, sequins, glitter and pearls that suit a variety of wedding themes. Fabric swatches, lace bands and ribbons are fabulous elements to weave into your DIY design concept for an exquisite touch of elegance!

Visit your local craft shop or check out an online DIY wedding invitation supplier for some great add ons that will transform your DIY bomboniere box into a classy keepsake

DIY Bomboniere Ideas

While personalised chocolate bars and sugared almonds are popular alternatives, they’re quite boring and standard! Give your guests something personal that’s more likely to be treasured than popped into the bin such as the dry ingredients for two cookies in a bomboniere box accompanied with a handwritten copy of your all time favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe or any other family recipe.

A bomboniere buffet is a trendy option that lets you cut costs by displaying both cost-friendly items with a few lavish options that guests can help themselves to before leaving the wedding.