Trending DIY Wedding Styles

Handmade, custom, and DIY; all synonyms that strikes your fancy? That’s because you’re looking for a personal feel to whatever you’re working on (DIY wedding invites, decor, bombonieres) and if it’s a DIY wedding that you’re planning for your big day, we have a few style inspirations and trend alerts up our sleeves.

DIY Invitations Australia Brooch Embellishments

For a cohesive DIY wedding theme you need an idea of what the end result will be. Find inspiration online to personalise or recreate them with some choice DIY items. These may be used for wedding invitations & accessories, stationery and even to accent various items for your wedding day. Here are some ideas for a trending DIY wedding style.

Dazzling Brooches: Brooches can make for a beautiful bouquet design. With some delightful faux pearl and diamante brooches used for the DIY wedding invitations and stationery, you can use the same for the wedding cake accents, and even feature the same brooch in your wedding dress or the bridesmaid’s dresses.

DIY Invitations Brooch Bouquet Image from Bridal Guide

Mason Jar Bombonieres: A popular option for many brides, these mason jars give you the option gifting personalised wedding favours that are visually appealing. You can stick on a personalised label and make it uniform with your wedding theme and style. The same goes for Bottle Bombonieres too.

DIY Invitations Mason Jar Favours Image from Bridal Guide

Vintage Traveller Style: Planning a designation wedding with worldly touches. If you’ve already picked out destination wedding invites and accessories such as a boarding pass invite and luggage tag accessories, then you can look for ways to tie it in for the big day. Vintage luggage with unique postcards are ideal for a guest book (which can be used later as a great framed memento), globes as the table centrepieces and postcard place cards too.

DIY Invitations Vintage Luggage Guest Book Image from Bridal Guide

Boutonnieres Accents: Often it’s the ladies in the bridal party that receive most DIY accents, but one thing that can definitely be handmade is the boutonnieres. For instance, a beach themed wedding can feature a lovely seashell accompanied by flora.

DIY Invitations Seashell Boutonniere Image from Bridal Guide

Use origami inspirations to make a beautiful backdrop of cranes or stars to the usual streamers or fans. Make it even classier by using speciality card stock, where if you’re using glittered specialty paper you can focus a spot light that will give off a cool effect. Find the perfect wedding invite template so you can add your personalised touches and have it printed via the best DIY wedding invitations online shop in Australia – DIY Invitations Australia!

Images Courtesy of DIY Invitations Australia, Bridal Guide

Trendy DIY Wedding Invites

Looking high and low for wedding inspiration with handmade details? A good place to start is with DIY wedding inspiration sites such as DIY Invitations Australia that focuses on offering products such as invitation templates, and trims to create beautiful and trendy wedding invitations and stationery items.

DIY Invitations Australia Layered DIY Wedding Invitations Trends

​Available at the online DIY invitations and stationery ​shop, you will find various designs, styles and options for DIY brides and grooms to use for their handmade wedding look. You can select everything from quality textured plain cardstock and paper stock to specialty wedding paper, trims, embellishments and accessories such as buckles, clusters and brooches (even shell and starfish designs), Avery labels (that can be easily customised to carry your theme through to each wedding design element that it can be used for), adhesives, tapes and even magnets, and much more. One resourceful set of products on offer include the templates for invitations and stationery that are offered across various style options, whether it’s for wedding invitations, accessories for invitations such as reply cards, wishing wells and accommodation cards, to seating charts, table cards for the guest tables as well as the buffet table, and various other uses that you may come across when you design your DIY wedding day. It’s just a matter of browsing the DIY wedding options and selecting which ones you are after and following the instructions to customise those looks for printing.

It’s so great when everything matches starting off from the DIY wedding invites and accessories, to that found on the day of the wedding from the wedding ceremony to the reception. Once you select the choice of DIY stationery to personalise, you are able to download the template which can then be opened either in Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word for you to personalise each aspect accordingly and thereafter, you can upload it back onto the online shop system to add it to your DIY wedding invites and stationery order. It’s so easy. What makes it trendy is that you decide what goes into the design. The choice of colour, the illustrated designs, to the choice of font and the layout is all up to you.

DIY Invitations Australia Accessories for Trendy Handmade Weddings

Trending wedding styles include dainty and floral illustrations, woodland elements, and using unique trims and embellishments for a luxurious look. You can make a true impression by including your handmade wedding invites within an invitation box, as well as having beautiful wedding bomboniere boxes for the big day too!

Gifting Ideas and Styling DIY Gift Boxes

Special events whether they are weddings, birthdays, engagements or any other milestone worth celebrating, one way to thank your guests would be with a thank you gift or bonbonniere. By presenting them within a DIY gift boxes decorated beautifully, the sentimental value of the chosen gift is further enhanced.

Choosing a personalised gift is so much better than not as it  gives weight to the thought you put into making sure the guests took away with them something that showed your thanks​. Depending on the type of DIY gift box you select, we’ve put together some gift box choices and inspirations for both the gift that you can include as well as the way you can wrap and present it.

Some gift ideas for your wedding or special events bombonieres/favours are as follows;

Bomboniere/Favours Ideal Gift Box Accessories
Mini Potted Succulents Clear PVC Box
Jarred Candles  Mug Box Personalised Round/Oval Labels
Plantable Seed Paper Designs  Trinket Box
Personalised Hershey Kisses Clear PVC Noodle Box
Loose Leaf Tea Favours Card Stock/Clear PVC Pillow Boxes Personalised Round Label
Personalised Napkin Rings Trinket Boxes
Personalised Champagne Glasses  Crystal Box
Personalised Lip Balms  Pillow Box Personalised Labels
Notepads  Book Box
Custom Glass/Ceramic Mugs/Mason Jars Mug Boxes
Miniature Porcelain Figurines  Mug Box/Crystal Box
Mints Trinket Boxes
Customised Soap/Bath Bombs Card Stock/Clear PVC Pillow Boxes Oval/Rectangle Personalised Labels
Goodie Bags Clear PVC/Card Stock Noodle Boxes Thank you Labels/Tags
Wedding Cake  Trinket/Cube Box Seals/Stickers

Depending on the above suggestions for the type of gift box to choose when gifting, here are DIY gift box designs. These are available as flat packs with clear instructions on how to assemble them on your own.

Gift Box Type Description
Small Box These boxes are also perfect for Bombonieres/Favours and will be mentioned in detail further below.
Trinket Box These are slightly larger than a small box, often with sizing of 80 x 80 x 60mm tall and available either coloured boxed or PVC clear DIY boxes
Mug Box These boxes are ideal to gift a mug in, and is a 110mm cube with a separate lid and base
Book Box Perfect for gifting books or anything of the sort, shape and size, they are available in different colours.
Crystal Box These boxes are ideal to gift champagne flutes or similar crystal/glass items
Lingerie Box If you’re looking to gift lingerie, or something that is that is personalised like handkerchief or scarves, then this type of DIY box would be ideal..
Wine Box If you’re planning on gifting wine, maybe with a personalise tag, then choose this box as it is the ideal size to accommodate the standard wine size

Cube Boxes

Trinket Boxes

Noodle Boxes



PVC Bomboniere Boxes

PVC Midi Pillow Boxes

Trinket Boxes with Clear PVC Lids


Embellishing Styles and Inspirations for your DIY Wedding Invites

Looking for new and exciting looks to do up your wedding in a way that will awe your wedding invitees? You can make a great impression when you send them DIY wedding invitations, featuring embellished styles and looks using textured/specialty paper, lace, diamante/pearl buckle or cluster embellishments, and more.

We have selected a few styles that are trendy, appealing, and easy to DIY. The way you present the look is as important as the look of your DIY wedding invites. You may find the following areas helpful in making sure that the look of the invite cards complements the package and vice versa. It’s all about the first impression.

DIY Invitations Australia Lace Wedding Invitations

Lace:  Feminine and delicate, lace can definitely enhance the look of any item that it’s used on. When it comes to using it as an embellishment for your DIY invites, you can either use it as an all over design that envelopes the front facing of your card, using trim appliqués or with a lace ribbon to wrap around the card (possibly accompanied by a satin ribbon and a cluster/buckle embellishment).

Embellished Buckles, Brooches & Clusters: If you have already decided that you would very much like to include a faux diamante or pearl embellishment into your wedding invite card, then we need not persuade you. However, in case you’re undecided there are many great ways to further enhance the look of your DIY wedding invites to make them dazzle and shine.

Paper Crepe Rosettes: With a few materials and a touch of creativity, these paper rosette styles can really bring about a beautiful look to your DIY card.  You can opt to make them large or tiny, and even use a pearl cluster or bead embellishment in the centre to really make it pop.​

Quilling: A creative technique ideal for the advanced DIY-ers with lots of patience in hand. With the use of thing strips of paper, the proper tools to aid you and lots of glue, you can make beautiful designs come alive. This DIY technique is ideal for beautiful handcrafted keepsake DIY wedding invitations.

Packaging: The way you present your DIY wedding invitations is as important as what is included. Consider adding a pop to your wedding invite envelopes, whether it’s with an envelope liner, matching printed envelope designs, adding envelope seals, and even using wax seals like in the olden days. Another way would be to go down the luxury route with a sophisticated package using tissue inserts/wraps for the invite card placed within a DIY invitation box.

DIY Invitations Australia | Invitation Boxes | Embellishments

Autumn DIY Wedding Trends

Autumn time is quite beautiful, whether in the northern or southern hemisphere. Planning weddings during this time when the leaves turn colour is just breathtaking and the perfect inspiration for your Autumn DIY wedding. Your DIY wedding invitations, the beautiful decor and maybe even the bridal fashion colours and even how you accessorise the boutonnieres and wedding favours can take after it. With autumn under way in Australia and its neighbours and those across the globe, we’ve put together some ideas for your DIY wedding style.

Colour Trends for Autumnal Weddings

Pantone has released their autumnal colours with Marsala being the winner. The rustic Toasted Almond is quite popular with DIY weddings for the ease of matching it to recyclables and organic materials, but if you’re looking to add an old world charm with metal items such as birdcages and such, the Glacier Grays would be ideal for this wedding colour palette.

Pantone Wedding Colours Autumn 2015

DIY Wedding Invitation Inspirations

When it comes to DIY wedding invites, you can be creative with do it yourself stationery items such as cardstock, specialty wedding paper, embellishments and various tools that can help you create the look you want. You need not break away from your wedding invitations budget. With a little guidance you can do anything you set your mind to.  You can include custom embossing, cutwork and designs on your DIY invites for weddings. Here’s how!

DIY Embossing can be done in 3 DIY techniques; heat embossing with stamp, glue, embossing powder & heat gun; stencils with a knitting needle, and embossing folder with a rolling pin. The first two options are ideal if you have a small design to emboss whereas the latter would be best for an all-over design.


DIY Cutwork can be done either through punches or using a stencil and craft knife. Punches are ideal for a focal or group of design(s) and borders whereas a stencil would be ideal for the former as well as inset design.

Martha Stewart

Illustrated Designs & Borders can either be printed using your home printer or done using stamps and ink.

Autumn Stamped DIY Card

DIY Wedding Inspirations

Here are some inspirations for your DIY wedding.

Embossed Wedding DIY Inspirations

Rustic Wedding Invitations Autumn DIY Weddings

Be inspired to create a beautiful look for your DIY wedding, with these DIY inspirations for your invitations and overall theme.