The Hottest Wedding Invitation Trends for 2016

Your wedding invitations can be one of the most important things on your checklist when planning your big day. From shimmer stationary, gold foiled prints, rustic charms to classic textured linen, there are so many types of paper and designs to satisfy your artistic cravings.

Here are the current top trends in wedding invitations for some inspiration.

A Little Bit of Sparkle

Everything looks better with a bit of sparkle! Add a touch of sparkle this year with beautiful shimmer boards, glitter effects or even metallic foils. Either way, a little bit of sparkle is bound to look fabulous with any theme.



Wedding Stationery Sets

You can now coordinate your theme with all your wedding stationery, including save the date cards, RSVP cards, wishing well cards, thank you cards, table place cards, and menu cards. All you need is a fabulous theme and a great attitude!




The Artsy Designs

Abstracts, triangles, swirls, squares and circles – are now trending for modern wedding cards. It screams bold and hipster, yet can be given an elegant twist if printed on the right type of paper.


Embellished Designs

Elegant and unique embellishments are making a huge comeback this year. The subtle tones are perfect for fall or winter weddings and never seem to go out of style with its classic look.




The Chic and Rustic

For those who adore the rustic theme, there are plenty of crafty ideas to play around with. From wooden tags to lace patterns, you will be spoilt for choice!



Inserting Your Photos

There will be more than just smiles to share with the good old photo invitations. The only flaw is that you won’t be able to decide on a photo quickly. It’s not as easy as you think!



Nature’s Craft

Somewhat similar to chic and rustic, but with more of a nature element with a dash of greenery added to the invitations.





DIY Wedding Invitation Foil Designs

If you’re on a budget or you like being self-sufficient, there may be a number of reasons why you want to DIY your wedding stationery (starting with your DIY wedding invitations). There are many colours, shapes, styles and materials you can use depending on your inspiration or design vision/creative direction. Whichever way you choose to do up your DIY wedding invitations & stationery, be informed that certain online stationery and printing shops such as DIY Invitations Australia also offers you a very convenient choice of choosing foil designs too.  Keep on reading for more information on how you can get your very own foil DIY wedding invitations & stationery.

DIY Wedding Invitations Foiled Designs Foil Wedding Invites

First off, visit the DIY Invitations Australia website, find the online invitation templates. Download them (they are available in both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word templates), add your own creative flair and then convert your design into a PDF format where you can then upload it online to place your order.

Flat DIY Wedding Invitations

Flat wedding invitations offer a crisp way of presenting your wedding information. Where the paper weight needs to be over 200gsm making it strong enough to hold on its own, these flat DIY cards can be used for a number of wedding stationery items. You can choose them for your foil DIY wedding invitations, reply cards, wishing well cards, directions & accommodations cards and even your thank you cards. The choices available vary in size and also the templates available for choosing differ depending on font type and typography as well as foil print colour, between gold and silver.

Folded DIY Wedding Invitations

Folded cards on the other hand gives you more space to work with, letting you include all the information you need to share with your invitees. Available across a series of styles and sizes, with some even including various add-ons (such as a pocket flap – making it a pocket wedding invitation that can house wedding invitation accessories), folded DIY cards are really convenient has you can easily fit all the accessories neatly together before putting them into the wedding invitation envelope.  You also have the option of choosing passport styled foil DIY wedding invitations too, with a beautiful foiled emblem on the front (such as palm tree, a hibiscus flower or even a turtle).

Other items available to you to match your foil DIY wedding invitations include Envelope Seals & Stickers, Envelope Liners, and Tags that are foiled in gold or silver depending on your colour scheme choice.

Bomboniere Box Styles & Trends

You may be wondering what a “Bomboniere” is, or what it means. The fact is, you probably already know what it is but due to what it’s called and how it is spelled or pronounced, you are a little unsure. Bomboniere is an Italian word for “favours” or “gifts”, and they are presented in a variety of ways in which one setting would be Bomboniere Boxes.

They are ever popular in use when it comes to special events to hold gifts to give to guests and attendees. Whether it’s for a wedding, a baptism, a bar or bat mitzvah, first communion or confirmation, a christening, and other such milestone events, a favour may be included in an attractively designed bomboniere box to be taken home with your guests. The contents within could be the traditional sugared almonds, but as times change so have the favours or gifts, and they can range from anything the host fancies.

There are various types of bomboniere boxes to choose from depending on your theme, style and also your budget. Let’s face it, that the DIY box route would be the best way to go about it because not only can you say that you made it yourself, but it will be a personal and unique gift and your guests will definitely appreciate it more.

DIY Invitations Plastic DIY Bomboniere Box Pillow Pack Style

With DIY Invitations, you are presented with two distinctive categories of these gift boxes, which are either paper bomboniere boxes or plastic bomboniere boxes. Out of the quality materials being used to make them, they also come with DIY folding and assembly instructions so that you can put them together, and then use various types of embellishments or accessories to accent the look of the DIY boxes to suit your style as well as match your event theme. There are many design styles that are available with boxes for gifts, and they range from the traditional two-pieces boxes that come with a lid and base, to pillow boxes, cube boxes as well as noodle boxes.

DIY Invitations Paper DIY Bomboniere Boxes Two Piece Trinket Boxes

These bomboniere boxes range from the paper variety, to match the DIY invitations and stationery that you have selected for your event, therefore having a cohesive flow across the stationery accents, while you are also given the option of going with clear plastic/Perspex boxes for a truly delightful look into your favours. Some hosts decide to add little accessories inside the clear boxes to pretty it up while sticking to your DIY budget, with the likes of potpourri, tissue paper, confetti and more.

Fantasy Inspired DIY Weddings & Invites

Last week, DIY Invitations brought you an instalment on Victorian Elegance and Old Hollywood Glamour. This week, the themes include a fantasy-inspired wedding with DIY wedding invitations and also décor elements and more. How you interpret your inspirations are up to you, however, what elements are trending will be what we are highlighting for your attention.

These themes are far from conventional with bursts of colour and pizzazz and special touches of flavour that says much about your personalities and how memorable you want your special day to be. When it comes to your DIY wedding invitation, it will show by means of their first impression as to what to expect or it could give little clues to have your invitees imagine the wonder of the wedding as a whole. Every wedding is different from one another and each has its wonder and magic. How you bring yours to life is by the way you carefully plan your big day, starting with the wedding invitations and stationery, of course.

Wonderland Adventures

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, this type of wedding theme would be perfect, and the way you interpret it will be truly amazing as it will be unique. You can it style like a tea party, a garden theme or add whimsical items such as butterflies and more to make it out of this world and over the top. The use of colour and glitter and various other accessories will make this theme a truly wonderful one. With your DIY wedding invitations, what you will need to do is use those same colours, add a glitter effect whether it’s for accessorizing, border work, or even part of the appliqués with glitter glue or even sequins, and make it a beautiful work of art. Be cautious not to put it too much in terms of various items as it can become tacky – a good balance of design makes for a really wonderful outcome.

Fairytale Endings

As a young girl, you would have had heard fairy-tales with beautiful endings, and so you want that for your very own wedding. With Disney inspired designs from Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, the Beauty and the Beast and much more, you can find yourself with some beautiful inspiration taking you to greater heights for a really lovely theme. Find your inspiration and begin the creation of DIY invitation for a fairytale wedding. It can include elements from such as a single red rose, a forest wonderland and not forgetting the elegance of princess. As for other appliqués, using pearl beads, eco-friendly items and even cloth appliqués would go a long way in making your interpretation come alive.

Engagement Invitations

If you want to celebrate this wonderful occasion, there is no reason why you cannot! Your engagement is a huge milestone in your lives, and one that should be remembered with fond memories. Why not share it with your family and friends, with a lovely engagement celebration, be it a casual fun party or even a formal gala event. You can start with your engagement invitations to build up to the excitement.

Types of Engagement Parties

There are many types of engagement parties out there, depending on the personalities of the couple. There is everything for everyone, and it can be casual to formal. You could host a formal lunch, simple afternoon tea party or even a cocktail party if you want to make things formal and elegant, but also you could opt for the likes of events such as a casual barbeque, a summer picnic, a themed party or even make it a surprise for the couple and just have fun.

Themes and Variety of Engagement Invites

Depending on the type of party, you are hoping to have, the theme and the variety of your designs for your engagement invitations can take after it. Let us look at each type of engagement theme and style, to suggest great types of engagement invites for your special milestone.

Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon tea parties are lovely, and quite relaxed and definitely formal. If you and your fiancé want to host such a party, there is no reason why you cannot. For a theme such as this, you can stick to pastel hues and floral designs for your engagement invites. Alternatively, even add in little snacks, and cupcakes to add to illustrations for the front facing.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are fun for both the groom and bride to be, because they can mix it up and mingle with all their friends and family, in a fun, upbeat and sophisticated environment. You can use varying colours, and décor, and you can opt for a modern look to your engagement invite.

Formal Lunch

A formal affair, be it lunch or dinner, can be something elegant and beautiful, just like the union and this milestone. Your engagement invite can definitely be transcendent to the invites you are planning to have for your wedding, to link everything together in a beautiful way.

Casual Barbeque

If you want something homely, there is nothing better than a barbeque to unwind with your friends and family. Your engagement invites can be fun, colourful, and casual, with rustic touches to reflect the kind of party you are hosting.

Summer Picnic

A summer picnic is ideal for your engagement, especially if you want it to be a beautiful and personal event. You can host it in your backyard and decorate it with summertime scenes, adding flora to match the season and your personalities. Your engagement invites can have warm colours and beautiful flowers to emphasize on this fact.

Themed Parties

Parties that follow themes are great because there are so many options you can choose from when you come up with this idea. You can use a Mardi Gras theme, a Hollywood Silver Screen theme, and so much. Depending on your theme, you can style your engagement invites after them.

Try out these options for your engagement party and make it a hit right from the start with your invites. Good luck!