Design Your Wedding Invitations

Every girl envisions her wedding day, it may be a passing thought, a what-if scenario or a detailed laid out plan for the biggest day of her life. You may want specific things and at some point you may have looked at a few options and thought “this is what I want, this is my style”. Like so, when you are about to design your wedding invitations, you probably have an idea, a vision or even a wedding inspiration you can start with.

Design Your Wedding Invitations with DIY Invitations Australia online

There are many ways you can design your wedding invitations, starting with what the shape and overall style will be, that is, how it folds or whether you prefer to have flat and/or stacked invitations and accessories. Stacked invitations work with both flat cards and folded invites with pocket flaps. The flat stacked invitation cards (the wedding invitations, reply card, directions & accommodation card, wishing well & gift registry card) are usually held together with a belly band or even a ribbon accessory before being inserted into the envelope. In the case of a folded pocket invite, the flap can neatly secure the invitations in a stacked style with each card place on top of each other in a step manner where the sizing is different so the name of each accessory card is prominent). You can decide and design whichever wedding invitation accessories you need by consulting with your designated wedding invitation designer.

A good place to start for inspiration on sizing would be with the pre-cut invitation templates that can be easily fed into your own home printers so you can print your very own invitations that you’ve designed with a personalised wedding invitation wording. As you have chosen DIY wedding invitations, you can also look at the sample printable templates that are available in the product catalogue and choose the ones you like, edit and personalise the saying/wording, and then proceed to print them out. With DIY Invitations Australia, what you need to do is first download the InDesign and Microsoft Word template onto your local computer, design your wedding invitations, convert them into PDFs and place your order online via the DIY Wedding Invitations system.  During this process, you’ll be able to add your own designs such as borders, flourishes, patterns and monograms/motifs too.

Don’t forget to search for complementing wedding stationery items you may need for your DIY wedding, such as menus, seating charts, place cards, table numbers, bomboniere boxes and labels, thank you cards and more. You can easily download templates and order them too. It’s easy as that.

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