Metallic Foil Wedding Invitations

Are you looking to add a little spark to your wedding day? We’ve got a great and easy wedding invitation idea we can’t wait to share with you! Metallic is such a hot trend right now, and our sister company, DreamDay Invitations, has a great new foil wedding invitation collection that is easily customisable in so many fabulous ways! Read on to find out how you can get your own beautifully done up foil stamped wedding invitations!

These wedding invitation designs span across various styles and themes, ranging from elegant and traditional to contemporary and modern, using retro, flourish and minimalistic design elements and not to mention personalised touches for your wedding to stand out against the rest. All you need to do is follow three simple steps while seated behind your computer and visit the DreamDay Invitations online wedding invitations & stationery shop.

Select the Foil Wedding Invitations & Stationery Accessories

Browse the great selection of foil stamped wedding invitations to select the perfect look for your dream wedding day! Foil wedding invitations look the best against crisp and stark colours, in order for the text to shine through and for legibility. Opt for the likes of the confetti inspired foil wedding invitations for a fun look with a side of glamour.

DreamDay Invitations Foil Stamped Wedding Invitation Designs Online Shop Delivery Worldwide

Select the Choice of Wedding Paper and Foil Colour

Once you have selected the best foil wedding invitations to match your personal style and wedding theme, the next step would be to select the choice of wedding paper it will be printed on as well as the colour and finish of the foil.

DreamDay Invitations Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations Online Shop Worldwide Delivery

Personalise Your Wedding Invitations

The next step to getting your foil wedding invitations ready would be to add your own personal touch to it by typing out the invitation wording of your choice. You can also customise the bride and groom names on the cover/front of the invitation, along with a metallic monogram design (if you’ve chosen a design which features it) and the wedding date.

DreamDay Invitations only requires you to access its online store and go through the simple and easy to use system that allows you to all this and more, from selecting the design, the paper, personalising the wedding invitation and foil finish and colour, and not to mention, the customised printed guest information too. It’s that easy. With worldwide delivery, you can order your foil wedding invitations, and wait for them to arrive in the post. All you need to do from there onwards is to assemble the flat pack into the wedding invitation envelopes provided and stick on a stamp and send it either by post, or even hand deliver it if you’ve opted to use a wedding invitation box!

Metallic Themed DIY Weddings & Invitations

If you are trying to decide between opting for ready-made wedding invitations and going down the DIY route with handmade wedding invitations, there are lots of pros and cons to make up your mind. With DIY wedding invitations, you have the advantage of presenting personalised pieces of stationery, from the wedding invites to reply cards, and other on-the-day stationery items, which you can style according to your wedding theme and vision.

Something that is trending right now would be the use of metallic accents in the design and styling of your wedding, whether it’s in the DIY invitations and decor accents, or in other elements of your special day, such as attire, bouquets and even tableware. Popular choices of metallic colours for weddings are gold, silver and copper, when paired with choice colours such as white or black, and further complimented by an accent colour such as purple, teal, navy, and pink. When you put these beautiful colours together on your DIY wedding invitations and thereafter transcend them onto other wedding elements, you know you will have a beautiful wedding day that will be the talk of everyone attending!

So, how would you go about adding metallic accents onto your DIY wedding invitations? We have a few suggestions for you! It can be used hand in hand with the paper used, the ink or print (in terms of foil printing, and appliqués and embellishments you opt to choose.

There are many options of paper that give off a beautiful sheen, such as the StarDream range of paper and card stock for your DIY invitations, or other varieties such as shimmer or sparkle. However, there is also specialty paper such as with foil printing that gives off a reflective sheen, others which are accented with embossing or flocking on paper that gives off a dull sheen, or even accented with metallic glitter. Some examples courtesy of DIY Invitations include Metallic Icon, Metallic Tiger Stripe, Embossed Pebbles in Silver, Embossed Floral in Gold, Glittered Vine Attraction in Gold, Embossed Pebbles in Bronze and Flocked Nature’s Walk in Silver.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Metallic Accents

Other ways in which you can pair metallic accents onto your DIY wedding invitations includes using foil prints or glitter accents on the invitation wording, or with appliqués and embellishments. Using foil printing or glitter for the wording and text is pretty straightforward. You can easily use the likes of trims such as ribbons and lace in gold, silver, copper or bronze to add a beautiful sash or bow to your handmade creation, or even with the likes of clusters, brooches, buckles and custom design add-ons such as a starfish design to complete the look of your DIY wedding invitation.

Adding a little bit of metallic glitz will go a long way in making your DIY wedding and invitations stand out amongst the rest. Keep these tips in mind when doing up a metallic themed DIY wedding with beautiful wedding invitations and stationery too!

Crafting Your DIY Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Wedding planning is an exhilarating time with so much to be done and thought of. You probably want to do everything yourself, and you can, especially if you have decided to be a DIY bride! You can easily start with DIY wedding invitations and stationery, and work your magic through to decor items such as unique backdrops, cute accents and much more. These elements can take after the theme you have set in your DIY wedding invites and stationery, but firstly, you will need to work on the items you will need to craft them! Let’s find out what you can use to make your life, as a DIY bride, easier when doing up the invites and other stationery.

Your handmade wedding invitations can fall into several categories, one being where you start from scratch by purchasing the paper and card stock and use various tools and techniques to make your DIY invites come alive, or you can purchase the likes of pre-cut, folded and hard cover wedding invitations and use accessories, embellishments and layers to add to the look you have envisioned. When trying to decide on which path to take, consider the time and effort that each one will take, and whether you have the tools and equipment with you to carry it out.

With pre-cut DIY wedding invitations, you are allowed the convenience of using cards that are already cut and scored to start on your creative process, with the shape, size and fold of your preference. This way, you have full control of how your beautiful DIY invitations will come about from that point onwards. It is the same with DIY hard cover wedding invitations, where you are provided with quality invitations made out of card stock that is sturdy and luxurious, which are folded to a certain sizing, and is available with a matching envelope. Some options even come with a little pocket on the inside to carry various wedding invitation accessories such as reply cards, directions and accommodation cards and so on.

Accessories that you might need to move forward with the envisioned look might include the likes of flat cards and inserts, die-cut shapes (if you want to keep things interesting and fun), stickers, embellishments, appliqués, trims, envelopes and not to mention tools such as paper cutters, scissors, rulers, bone folders, choice of adhesive, and even the likes of scoring/embossing tools too. With right tools and materials, you can make something beautiful happen with your DIY wedding invitations!

DIY Invitations Paper Card Stock Pre Cut & Hard Cover Folded Wedding Invitations, Embellishments and Accessories

DIY Invitations with Metallic and Pearlescent Accents

Weddings are beautiful affairs, and it takes careful planning to make it so, from the wedding attire to the invitations, decor and much more. When you’re opting for a handmade wedding, items such as DIY wedding invitations and stationery, the details that goes into the decorations, and even food and beverages plays a big role. You might want to stay on top things, while still being trendy and sophisticated. One such trend would be to use metallic and pearlescent accents in the right amounts with your wedding design, starting with the wedding invitations and taking cues for the theme from it.

DIY Invitations Pearlescent and Metallic Accents and Accessories for DIY Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Pearlescent Paper

The best way to add some glitz and glamour into your wedding would be to start off by using wedding invitations designed and created with pearlescent paper. What this essentially involves is that the paper or card stock being used for your DIY wedding invitations has a slight sheen to accompany your colour choices. At DIY Invitations, the following are some of the paper/card stock available to you to create your masterpiece wedding invitations with an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • The Shimmer Collection
    • Champagne Shimmer
    • Silver Shimmer
    • Ivory Shimmer
  • The StarDream Collection
    • StarDream Opal
    • StarDream Quartz
    • StarDream Crystal
    • StarDream Silver
  • The Sparkle Collection
    • White Sparkle

These paper and card stock to be used for DIY wedding invitations and stationery are available as flat cards and inserts, folded wedding invites, pre-cut cards with and without layers, die-cut shapes as well as pre-cut wedding stationery accessories such as place cards and so on, in order for you to carry on the theme of class and finesse through the wedding stationery.

Metallic Accents

When it comes to adding accents, it’s a great idea to use some sparkle and glitz with the likes of metallic accessories. Anything that shimmers will do, from paper to cloth and even faux jewellery to gilded accessorises such as feathers and seashells, silver, gold or bronze ribbons and lace, embellishments such as sequins & rhinestones, metallic paint &  dust, and more. You can use these accessories to add to the look you are striving for with your DIY wedding invitations and accessories.

Using Foil with DIY Invitations & Stationery

Another way to add a touch of shimmer to your DIY wedding invitation would be with using foil, whether as an accessory or embellishment, or even with foil printing put up to the task of creating a sophisticated look. You can even opt to keep your DIY invitations crisp and opt for foil envelopes, or vice versa.