Cool DIY Wedding Invitations Tips & Tricks

When it comes to creating something beautiful from various forms of inspiration for a DIY wedding, there are many avenues you can take to execute them. This is very true in the case of DIY wedding invitations. All you initially need would be the card or paper stock, or even DIY wedding invitation kits, that are available for your choosing at the likes of the reputed DIY Invitations online store. There you will see that you have a pick of various shapes, styles and types of wedding invitations card stock to choose from for your creations, in which you can add to with either the embellishments and specialty papers available to you, or even add your own touch of personality to truly make them beautiful handmade wedding invites to act as keepsakes for your guests of family and friends.

DIY Wedding Invitations

As we said before, there are many styles, shapes and layouts for you to choose from when you come to DIY Invitations to purchase your invitation kits. Depending on your vision, why not start off by purchasing a few samples to try out these great tips and tricks to add value to your DIY wedding invitations.

1. Punched and Cut-Out Accents

When it comes to adding accents, you can always use specialty paper or even card stock in a different colour to enhance the look you are going for in a non-traditional way (such as with a layered wedding invitation). With the aid of speciality equipment such as punches or a utility pen knife, you can definitely come about some interesting shapes to add to your handmade wedding invitations, and even the DIY envelope too. Come about pretty punched flowers or even a leaf design to create a beautiful tree design by applying the cut leaves of varying colours around a watercolour painted bark, and carry the same theme forward onto the envelope by using a bold colour on the envelope liner and trailing it with leaves.

2. Watercolour Ombre and Sponge Treatments

Ombre is such a fun and lovely treatment to use on paper or even in fashion. This would be ideal if the bridesmaids were to wear ombre-shaded dresses, or will have ombre hair colouring as a styling feature to tie it in. Using this technique on your DIY wedding invitations can be a wonderful addition, as it gives it character and depth. You can use a sponge with watercolours to achieve this look or even to come up with various textures based on how it’s applied. Dabbing, streaking or splotching the watercolour paint onto your invitations kits can definitely add to the look that’s already present on the paper, and if it already comes with a certain base texture, then it will only accent it more, giving you a truly unique look.  Consider these tricks when you set about creating your DIY wedding invitations.

Keep yourself tuned into our blog for more great ideas, tips and tricks to use when you get your hands on the DIY wedding invitations and stationery for your special day.