Embellishing Styles and Inspirations for your DIY Wedding Invites

Looking for new and exciting looks to do up your wedding in a way that will awe your wedding invitees? You can make a great impression when you send them DIY wedding invitations, featuring embellished styles and looks using textured/specialty paper, lace, diamante/pearl buckle or cluster embellishments, and more.

We have selected a few styles that are trendy, appealing, and easy to DIY. The way you present the look is as important as the look of your DIY wedding invites. You may find the following areas helpful in making sure that the look of the invite cards complements the package and vice versa. It’s all about the first impression.

DIY Invitations Australia Lace Wedding Invitations

Lace:  Feminine and delicate, lace can definitely enhance the look of any item that it’s used on. When it comes to using it as an embellishment for your DIY invites, you can either use it as an all over design that envelopes the front facing of your card, using trim appliqués or with a lace ribbon to wrap around the card (possibly accompanied by a satin ribbon and a cluster/buckle embellishment).

Embellished Buckles, Brooches & Clusters: If you have already decided that you would very much like to include a faux diamante or pearl embellishment into your wedding invite card, then we need not persuade you. However, in case you’re undecided there are many great ways to further enhance the look of your DIY wedding invites to make them dazzle and shine.

Paper Crepe Rosettes: With a few materials and a touch of creativity, these paper rosette styles can really bring about a beautiful look to your DIY card.  You can opt to make them large or tiny, and even use a pearl cluster or bead embellishment in the centre to really make it pop.​

Quilling: A creative technique ideal for the advanced DIY-ers with lots of patience in hand. With the use of thing strips of paper, the proper tools to aid you and lots of glue, you can make beautiful designs come alive. This DIY technique is ideal for beautiful handcrafted keepsake DIY wedding invitations.

Packaging: The way you present your DIY wedding invitations is as important as what is included. Consider adding a pop to your wedding invite envelopes, whether it’s with an envelope liner, matching printed envelope designs, adding envelope seals, and even using wax seals like in the olden days. Another way would be to go down the luxury route with a sophisticated package using tissue inserts/wraps for the invite card placed within a DIY invitation box.

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Wedding Styles for Invitations & Decor with Bejewelled and Floral Accessorises

Your wedding means making the day which you and your fiancé become one, the most memorable day yet! Therefore, when planning the big day, you might want to make it truly special, with unique wedding invitations, fabulous decorations, and ways to make your invitees gasp in awe! If you are on a budget, but your dream is not, then opting for a DIY wedding, with invitations and decor options would be the best course of action, as well as keeping an eye out for up and coming trends and great ideas and techniques to make the best of it! Today, we look at a lovely trend that has been buzzing in the wedding and DIY industry- bejewelled and floral accessories!

Not only can this trend be applied to the DIY wedding invitations, but throughout the wedding, starting with the bride’s attire, that is, her wedding dress, veil and even headpieces, thereafter the bridesmaids and flower girls, the bouquets, the decor and the list goes on. It’s important to carry the theme throughout to make it cohesive and blend well together with the colours and the style of your wedding. However, when unveiling the look, your wedding invitations and accessories will do the trick.

Hardcover DIY Invitations with Envelope in Crystal Cardstock

You may be asking yourself how you can go about creating beautiful DIY wedding invitations with bejewelled and floral accessories. It’s quite simple really! If you have put together a set of design inspirations, then that makes things easier. Once you have all your wedding information ready and prepared such as the date of the wedding and the time of the ceremony, and the reception afterwards, the wedding venues for both events, when you will require responses from your guests, directions and accommodations (if the wedding is out of town or a destination wedding), and gift registry information to accompany your wedding invitations and accessories, then the next step would be to put all this information into the relevant stationery! This will take you one step closer to making your dream wedding day a reality!

If you are getting the information printed onto the wedding invitations, reply cards, directions & accommodations cards, and wishing well/gift registry cards, then do so, or have it written by hand with a calligrapher (or anyone with beautiful handwriting), because the next step would be to accessorise your DIY wedding invitations and stationery with the bejewelled or floral theme.

If you are opting for the bejewelled theme for your DIY wedding invitations, then using the likes of embellishments such as faux jewel clusters and brooches, or using adhesive rhinestones, gemstones, cabochons or diamante would be ideal! For a floral theme, you can opt for dried flowers, plastic or paper crafted flowers, or use various other materials to come up with a creation and then accessorise your DIY wedding invitations with it. In both themes, you can draw out various designs, whether it’s a floral style and accessorise with some glitz and glamour for that sophisticated look.

When you opt to DIY, there are many ways in which you can create a beautiful and mesmerising look for your wedding, in a budget-friendly way. Get creative and make your wedding a hit!

DIY Invitations with Bejewelled and Floral Embellishments & Accessories

Embellishing Your DIY Invitations

Glamorous events do not come by every day, and a wedding is definitely one worth adding some sparkle into your lives. Sometimes, planning for a glamorous wedding, one of out your wedding scrapbook that you have had since your teenage days might cause a slight dent in your wallet. Therefore, here at DIY Invitations, we have some options for you on how to DIY your wedding invitations as well as add some of that shimmer and sparkle for a fraction of the cost.

So, how can you save with your DIY wedding invitations? Well, that is easy. First, you browse for the base materials and purchase them. Find a wedding invitations retailer that also offers you DIY invitations kits and find the colours and sizing that you wish for your vision and purchase them in the quantity you wish. It is always best to get a few extra, at least 10%-20% of the total guest list, in case you need to redo some invites or need to invite a few more people, in case you missed them.DreamDay Invitations Mocca DIY Wedding Invitations

Once you have figured out the colours, the size and the type of DIY invitation base paper, you will need to think about how you are going to decorate the bare space available. Some couples opt to use decorative paper, which adds some shimmer and then some embellishments such as diamante-embellished buckles, floral accents, ribbons and lace.  The use of decorative paper is a popular option, where you acquire designs of filigree, toile, baroque, floral, damask or a design of your choosing which you can have printed. There is also the option of having treatments applied to them or purchasing decorative paper that have treatments such as embossing, engraving or foil printing done to them. Either way, the use of decorative paper also depends on the layout you have in mind and finding a balance in the style, design and layout. Having decided on all that, you might want to add some final additions to your design. Be it with some glitter, a ribbon, a buckle, diamantes or even a floral accent, you can add those to your DIY wedding invitations design.

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If you are wondering where the invitation wording comes into this equation, there are two ways you can go about it. The first option would be to hand it over to the invitations company that is supplying you the DIY invitation kits. DreamDay Invitations offers this solution, where you can add your entire guest list, and customise your wedding invitation wording along with it, and they will print it and deliver it to your doorstep. If not, there is the option of calligraphy, either acquiring a toolkit or hiring a calligrapher. Use embellishments to add a finishing touch to your DIY wedding invitations and add a little glitz to your wedding.