DIY Invitations Trends

Many of us have a creative streak, and enjoy experimenting with design, starting with doodles and drafts and then moving onto actually carrying them out with the help of arts and crafts. When you are planning an event, the very same applies, where you decide on a theme and look, and if you are planning on doing most of the work yourself, then you even start designing DIY invitations to match the design theme that you have picked out.

This year, there are several delightful trends that have popped up which can definitely help you when you take to event planning, and in the stride, also designing the likes of DIY invitations and stationery, gift boxes and bags for favours, gifts and so forth. These include the likes of popular colour choices, styling and design, use of embellishments or treatments, and not forgetting colour palettes.   Let’s look at some designs that you can definitely use on your DIY event items.

DIY Invitations Metallic Embellishments and Colour Trends

Popular Colour Choices for 2013

When it comes to colour there are some that stand out, and are in trend. This is usually determined by the fashion industry in partnership with Pantone. This year, the following colours have been chosen as the ones in trend, and can be used individually or can even be complemented with other colours.

Spring Colours

Fall Colours

  • Dusk Blue
  • Emerald
  • Tender Shoots
  • Grayed Jade
  • Lemon Zest
  • African Violet
  • Linen
  • Monaco Blue
  • Poppy Red
  • Nectarine


  • Mykonos Blue
  • Linden Green
  • Acai
  • Samba
  • Koi
  • Deep Lichen Green
  • Vivacious
  • Turbulence
  • Carafe


The above colour choices range from colours that are related to spring which are bright and colourful as well as to fall, that are darker and earthy. According to the season of the year, you can use these colours when doing up your DIY invitations, boxes and gift bags to match the theme of your event design.

Styling and Design

You may have your very own style that you are comfortable with, but if you are to be trendy, one style trend that is to go down ‘Chic and Elegant’, which essentially focused on soft touches, lace, intricate designs and flourishes complimented by soothing tones and colour pairing. You can utilise soft floral decals to patterns that are easy on the eyes. Lace DIY invitations are definitely quite intricate and gaining popularity for their intricateness, especially when trying to match the bride’s wedding dress.

DIY Invitations Chic and Elegant Embellishments Lace Invitations

Embellishments & Treatments

We all like to add a touch of glitz in our lives, and when you are planning a special event; you might want it to stand out than just another average day-to-day shindig, right? Why not add some treatments or embellishments to your DIY invitations, other stationery and accessories. Go with glitter appliqués or even metallic paper or foil printing for that effect. Choose from colour choices such as gold, silver, and champagne, bronze, copper and more to get the finish you are looking whilst still sticking to the theme and style you envisioned.

Soft Colour Palette, Shades and Hues

Apart from the trending colours in itself, you need to consider colour palettes to choose from that are ready made, where you are not required to pair up and decide whether they actually look good. One such colour palette that is trending would be pastel or sorbet shades of colour that are soothing on the eyes and are muted enough to be romantic and delightfully pleasing. Choose from muted colours such as zesty yellows, blush pinks, sandy taupe, ashen mint, soft peach, and even pastel aqua to bring some magic into your event, with DIY invitations and complement the rest of the event’s accessories such as gift boxes, bombonnieres, and more with it too.

DIY Invitations and Matching Envelopes for Your Special Events

Each and every one of us celebrates life in our own way, whether it’s a baby’s arrival, a birthday, an achievement or union, and not forgetting those extra special anniversaries that come by each year. We usually celebrate these milestones and special events with our loved ones and close friends, and do it with a party or function. So, when it comes to that, you will need invitations, and if you are either budget conscious or just plain creative, it may be good thinking to opt for DIY invitations to create beautiful handmade creations to your tastes.

DIY Invitations Paper Stock Envelopers Embellishments

The DIY Invitations Process

There are many ways to come about DIY invitations. Some may say first start with the paper, so you will look around for the best choice of paper stock, or even card stock for those who prefer a hardy material for their creations. This would mean already knowing the vision of the outcome of your invitations, in terms of shape and size, the quality of the paper/card, and not forgetting the most important thing, what the design will entail. Purchasing paper stock would mean you will have to fold it to your liking, add the necessary touches, print, embellishments, appliqués and whatever you may want to add to the DIY invitations.

However, there are alternatives to this as well, and that would be to purchase DIY invitations that are readily available for your creative touch.  These include the likes of invite cards that are folded and are available in the prerequisite shapes, size and colour, and not to mention the quality of the paper finish too. All you will need to do moving forward would be to add the printing and embellishment details. Some DIY invitations retailers provide printing services, where you may edit your invitation wording and other details depending on your order requirement, and have it ready for you, so that all you will need to do would be to add the accessories and additional touches. It also means you will need to pick out envelopes for your DIY invitation packages as well, which are available in bulk depending on your need.

There are other options too, handmade invitations that are done up by designers according to your taste and liking, for a truly professional finish, and comes paired with DIY envelopes too. You also have the option of opting for hardcover invitations, which are available in different styles such as pocket invitations and are accompanied by a matching envelope that suit the texture and finish of the card stock used on the invitation.

Types of DIY Envelopes

There are various types of envelopes for your choosing and are available in wholesale amounts to suit your requirement. These envelopes come in a variety of shapes and finishes, such as the below mentioned.

DIY Invitations Envelope  Design Shape Size Texture Finish

Envelope Shapes

  • Square (150mm x 150mm)
  • DL
  • C6 (115mm x 162mm)
  • 11B (90mm x 146mm)
  • C5 (162mm x 229mm)
  • 5×7 (130mm x 185mm)
  • White Linen
  • White Shimmer
  • Ivory Shimmer
  • Silver Shimmer
  • Champagne Shimmer
  • StarDream Silver
  • StarDream Opal
  • StarDream Crystal
  • StarDream Quartz

Envelope Paper Textures and Qualities

DIY Gift Boxes for Your Wedding

Everybody loves getting gifts, but essentially, it is the thought that counts. However, if you are gifts, then putting some extra effort into how you present it can go a long way. It’s the same thing when it comes to gift giving at your wedding, in the forms of wedding favours or wedding bombonieres. Today, we focus on the great selection of DIY gift boxes made available by DIY Invitations and also how they can work for your wedding.

There are various types of gift boxes available out there, and can be classified differently from invitations boxes, to gift boxes and not forgetting the wedding favours or bomboniere boxes. These are available on the online store, and can also be used for other purposes should you require them, taking them from what they were intended to be. If you see a way they can work for you, whether for your wedding day, a milestone or special event or even just for day-to-day activities.

DIY Invitation Boxes

The first selection of DIY boxes are the invitation boxes which can be used to send out your wedding invitations, in a quality, high-end package that makes a statement. These invitation boxes that can also be assembled yourself, comes in varying sizes and not to mention colours, finishes and textures depending on your wedding theme. Choose from the likes of the sizing of the boxes which include A4, A5, A6 sizes, as well as square (150mm x 150mm, 13mm depth), DL (220mm x 110mm, 13mm depth), rigid and flat pack boxes that can leave a great impression with your invitees. These boxes can also be used for other requirements, such as to hold a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids and maid of honour, or something else altogether.

DIY Invitations Wedding Invitations Boxes

DIY Gift Boxes

The next selection of boxes which can be assembled together are the gift boxes. These come in a myriad of sizes to fit various types of gifts and range from small to large items and also, the material used to make these DIY gift boxes also make a statement, depending on whether you are opting for paper board boxes or clear PVC boxes that are so chic if accessorised right. Choose from the likes of small, trinket, mug, book, crystal, lingerie, wine, and gown boxes for the perfect look when giving out gifts in the colour, paper texture, and finish you desire for a high-end quality look. Classified under small boxes, you will find the clear PVC box ranges where you can see the contents within, and include the styles of cubic boxes, pillow pack boxes and also noodle boxes.

DIY Bomboniere Boxes

This selection is similar to that made available in the small box range under gift boxes and features the likes of paper bomboniere boxes as well as plastic bomboniere boxes that are made out of thin and clear PCV. Some of the popular box styles include the two-piece sets, which includes the base and lid (that can be accessories with tape, ribbons and more), noodle boxes as well as cube boxes. In terms of plastic PVC boxes, you can choose between cube boxes and pillow pack boxes where the content is visible. In this case, you can add coloured tissue paper, potpourri, or any other item to spruce up the look that you are going for and then further accessorise with the likes of a ribbon, a bow cluster and more depending on the style of your wedding or special event.

DIY Invitations Medium Cube PVC Clear Bomboniere Box

How to Style Your DIY Invitations Easily

If you are thinking of being a DIY bride, that’s great! You will be able to instil your brand of awesomeness into your wedding and it will be beautiful. Starting with your wedding invitation, then your stationery and even certain aspects of your wedding decor, you will have your say and it will be just perfect. However, you have to understand that as a Bride, you’ll have a lot of planning to do with your fiancé, and a lot of items on your plate to handle right up to the moment you walk down the aisle. Therefore, it’s important you either work out a plan to handle everything ahead of time, appoint people in your family or bridal party to undertake certain items or simply, find easy ways of doing up the likes of DIY wedding invitations and stationery, various elements of your decor accessories and more.

DIY Wedding Invitations

So, how do you go about doing up your DIY wedding invitations and stationery in an easy way? There are a few ways you could start, where the easiest way would be to call up a great invitation retailers who can provide you with DIY wedding invitation kits. Sometimes these kits come as a complete suite, so all you need to do is pick a colour and texture (in terms of paper choice and its weight in gsm), and then order them to add your own whirl of magic.

How do you go about adding that whirl of magic? It’s really simple if you have the right equipment. These include the likes of paper cutting scissors that are fine and precise; paper punches in various shapes and sizes that match the theme you have envisioned; stamps that say a few romantic words or something cool; ribbons and such trims; sprinkles and glitter dust; various paper adhesives; decorative tapes and more.

Feather DIY Wedding Invitations

These can be sometimes general if you take the likes of stamps that you can buy at your local stationer or off the web. What you can do is come up with a great design that fits your unique theme and have it custom made and sent across to you. This could be something along the lines of a monogram or personalised motif. You could also use natural elements such as skeleton and fossil leaves, shells, feathers, and petals to add your own unique touch to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery. If you don’t want to spend too much on the stamps, or the design you have does not require a certain level of precision, you could use items that are available in your home. These include the likes of sponges to get a beautiful effect with paint or glitter paint and so forth, or even use the likes of potatoes to cut out shapes and use that to stamp ink or paint onto your DIY wedding invitations.

These are just some ways in which you can make your life easier as DIY bride, and doing up your DIY wedding invitations in a fun and unique way.