DIY Pop Up Wedding Invitations

Most of the bridal couples out there want something different and memorable to represent their special day. Some of them opt to go down the DIY wedding invitations route, some look for handmade layered wedding invites and the rest, they look for ways in which to make the most unique wedding invites out there. In this article, we will be looking at ways in which you can make DIY Wedding Invitations with pop-up designs and styles.

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Firstly, you will have to decide where you are going to host your special day, in terms of the ceremony and the reception. Once that is sorted out, you will need to figure out the dates and times which the venues are available to you. Accordingly, you will have all the information you need to start on your wedding invite wording. If you want to create a pop-up wedding invites, then there are several steps to take, as mentioned below.

Steps for a DIY Pop-Up Wedding Invite

      1. Look around for inspiration and ideas on what your masterpiece will be like. What will be the colour, or the theme and other decorations you will include in the final product? What will pop-up when the card is opened?
      2. Acquire the DIY wedding invitations kits from your wedding invitation retailer, such as DIY Invitations. Make sure that you have selected the best option for you in terms of colour and design. If you are not too sure at this stage, order some samples and then use them to create mock-ups of the design. Try out various layouts and locations of the wedding invitation wording as well as the designs to see what is best suited for your type of wedding invites.
      3. Make sure to select the styles for the wording, colours for the text and the background, as well as how the entire text block will appear. You could stylise it to imitate a shape on the card, or something else entirely. However, make sure that you leave enough room for the pop-up material.
      4. Come up with a design or pattern which you want to use with the pop-up. Order the materials you require, in terms of extra coloured or speciality paper, to scissors, cutters, rulers and more. Make sure to leave a percentage off the edges for construction, and even use tissues or fanned paper when making mock-ups.
      5. Once you have a design or pattern figured out, make sure to have then cut out in the template of your choosing and ensure that they have been cut out correctly. Fix these to the DIY wedding invitation sample card and try it out by gluing the main component on side A, which gluing on the sleeve, which will allow the item to pop up when opened. Make sure that folding the card is easily done, because you need it to close properly and pop out when opened.
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DIY Wedding Thank You Card with a Handmade Embossing Detail

A simple thank you goes a long way. When you take the time out of your busy schedule to send out a personal and sincere note of thanks, that means a lot. In this blog post, we will look at a beautiful and yet simple way you can deliver a truly personal wedding thank you card to your guests.  The basics include DIY wedding thank you cards, a monogram stamp, thermal embossing powder, and copies of some of your wedding photos of your choosing.

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Essentially, the output will be a DIY wedding thank you card pack, which will include a DIY embossed finish, a set of the best wedding photos, the envelopes and final additions that can include a tag and a ribbon, to make the entire bundle presented prettily.  The materials you will need for the entire DIY thank you card project includes the following.

  • DIY Wedding Thank You Card Kit (as per the quantity you require)
  • Envelopes as per the Thank You Card sizing
  • Tags (Luggage, Custom Tags, or Paper to cut out tags, even Thank You Tags will suffice)
  • A “Thank You” Stamp
  • Custom Monogram Stamp
  • Copies of Selection of Your Wedding Photos
  • Watermark Ink
  • Ink (Colour of Your Choosing)
  • Thermal Embossing Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Ribbon or String

To get started, take care of the stamping so that you do it neatly. Start with the “Thank You” stamps, using tags, such as luggage tags, or custom tags in the sizing you want, or cut out tags from paper you have acquired. Stamp the tags with the regular ink by pressing it down on the paper firmly, but make sure to remove the stamp quickly so that you do not create ink blotches in the free space and keep it aside to dry completely.

DIY Wedding Invitations & Thank You Card Using Embossing Powder by PineFeather

To emboss your monogram onto the wedding thank you card, use the monogram stamp with watermark ink, press it down firmly on the paper and then remove it quickly. Sprinkle or shake the thermal embossing powder over the card in the area of the watermark monogram, until it is covered. If you want to remove the excess powder, merely tap on the card and scoop it back into the container of the powder. However, do make sure that you do not leave behind any specks of powder on the other areas of the card (except where it is intended) and brush it off. After you have carried this out, use the heat gun, turn it on and melt the embossing powder, which should take a few minutes to have it ready.

After you have a completed wedding thank you card with the wording written inside, you can proceed to put together your wedding thank you package, which includes the photographs inserted into the thank you card, all included in the envelope. Following this, you can tie your ribbon or string in an appealing manner and finish it off with the ‘Thank You’ tag. Now, you have a beautiful and personal DIY thank you card, ideal to let your guests know how much their presence at your wedding meant to you and your spouse.

DIY Wedding Envelope Liners

Are you planning a truly exciting day for what many refer to as the ‘Happiest Day of their Lives’? Well, that’s great, especially if you are a handy DIY Bride. There are many ways that you can inject fun into your wedding day; one such way is by creating excitement leading up to the day with your DIY wedding invitations. Creating something fun is easy especially with the help of the DIY Invitations store. Enlist the help of DIY wedding envelope liners to add a little wow factor to your DIY wedding invitations. Find everything you might need for to add a little magic to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery for your handmade Australian wedding!

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Types of DIY Wedding Invitations Envelope Liners

Envelope liners give your wedding invitees a bit of a pleasant surprise as they open up the envelope to take a glimpse of the contents within. If you have selected a wedding theme already and if it revolves around a colour and pattern, the best possible thing you should or could do is use the chosen colours or pattern and use it in your DIY wedding envelope liners. The DIY Invitations wedding envelope liners fit into the 150mm square envelope perfectly.

However, that’s not all that’s available; you get the added bonus of also including the Bride and Groom’s names onto the liner, even a one-liner or personalised message. You can also include instructions for the designers at DIY Invitations so that you get a personalised DIY wedding invitation envelope via the online system provided by DIY Invitations. Isn’t that great?

The variety of DIY wedding envelope liners are many from solid colours to patterns such as damask, swirls and stripes, as well as finishes such as foiled in metallic gold. Take a pick of what is available, and match it as best as you can with your DIY wedding invitations creations. These DIY wedding envelope liners are delivered to you as part of a flat pack, where you can use either double-sided tape or a thin line of glue to fix the liner onto the inner flap sleeve of the DIY wedding invitation envelope.

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes Flat Pack Assembly

Accessories for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes

Apart from the pop that DIY wedding envelope liners give, you can also add to it with the help of accessories such as envelope stickers and seals. Personalise them to match the look of your DIY wedding invitation in terms of colour and font face, and include the names of the couple, a monogram or even a short message.

DIY Engagement Invitations

Did he pop the ultimate questions? Did you squeal in delight with a resounding “YES“! It’s time to let everyone know, isn’t it? You can throw a lovely engagement party! Invite your loved ones and close friends or even the people you are planning to invite for the wedding via some beautifully done up DIY engagement invitations. How does that sound?

If you are wondering, how the DIY Invitations online store can help you with your DIY engagement invitations, we have some wonderful news.  With two ways you can go about it, it’s quite easy and not to mention affordable. One would be doing it from scratch whilst the other would be to use the printable templates to come up with great DIY engagement invitations to celebrate the proposal and this great occasion of two unions taking the first step to spending the  rest of their lives together and a happily ever after. Let’s get to it, shall we?

DreamDay Invitations Layered Flocked Monarch's Pride White on Pearl Square Hardcover Invitation in Regal

Materials for Your DIY Engagement Invitations

At DIY Invitations, you’ll find that you can purchase items for your DIY engagement invitations without a hitch. What you’ll need would be some paper and card stock that’s easily available on the online DIY invitations store along with speciality paper too if you are looking to add a bit of glamour onto the DIY engagement invitations, as well as embellishments and not forgetting the envelopes to send the invitations in.

Apart from these, you may need a pencil, colour pens, watercolours and other materials to bring colour into the design, a scissor or guillotine cutter, and not forgetting other creative materials that you can use to accessorise the look. These items will depend on your creative genius. Some creative DIY brides have used pressed dried flowers and leaf skeletons, to seeds and eco-friendly items.

DreamDay Invitations Layered Iconic Love Square Hardcover Invitation in Black

DIY Printable Engagement Invitation Templates

If you don’t have enough time to do your DIY engagement invitations from scratch but would love to add your own personal brand of magic with an affordable price tag, then opt for DIY printable engagement invitation templates. What it’s all about is you are able to get your personalised engagement invitation wording printed onto the DIY engagement invitations without a hitch as per the template you have chosen with your pick of text placement and colour selection. It’s really quite easy, because they’ll be delivered to your address as flat pack DIY engagement invitations and all you’ll need to do then is to add the design touches, be it with pencils, watercolours or any creative method you have set your heart on.

DIY Wedding Invitations Templates

Creativity is a beautiful thing and so are weddings, especially when creativity has been put into good use. One great fact about wedding nowadays is how brides are getting more and more involved in all the little details of wedding planning. With increased interest in DIY wedding, you find yourself with many personalised and customised wedding elements that are precious and sentimental, such as DIY wedding invitations and stationery. Today, we will be looking into DIY wedding invitations templates and how it can be of use to you, and ways in which you can put them to use.

DIY Invitations Templates for Wedding Invitations Styles Hardcover

With the internet, looking for inspiration is a breeze. Not only can you find so many ideas from wedding decor to stationery and also dresses, floral decor and so much more, but you can also find ways in which you can try out various designs to make your personalised element come to life. You can see this in terms of wedding dresses, and definitely with wedding invitations. If you have a template design in mind, what you can do is to draft the design and go in search of DIY wedding invitation kits and templates that go in line with it, and from there, you can add your accessories, embellishments and trims and see how they go best with the template you have in mind.

There are many DIY wedding invitations templates and kits out there, and these includes the likes of no fold, bi-fold and tri fold cards, to square, rectangular, vertical, horizontal, pocket wedding invitations and more. Most of these DIY wedding invitation templates also come with measurements of either 180 mm x 96 mm (DL tri-fold/vertical), 145 mm x 145 mm (square), 134 mm x 134 mm (square vertical/horizontal/tri-fold/no-fold), 135 mm x 280 mm (square insert fold), 210 mm x 105 mm (DL vertical), 200 mm x 90 mm (DL no-fold), 180 mm x 90 mm (DL no-fold). Not forgetting the envelopes, they are available either in 220 mm x 110 mm for DL variety whilst the square DIY invites comes with a matching sized envelope, plain or in print.

DIY Invitations Pre-Cut & Pre-Scored DIY Wedding Invitations

The likes of DIY Invitations allows you to customise the text in terms of colour, font typeface and the content itself prior to printing, and if you want to be sure before ordering, you can have samples delivered to you. Pick out your favourites from the DIY wedding invitations & stationery options and see which templates fit your liking & style, and order yourself a sample so you can see it for yourself. With DIY wedding invitation templates, you have a lot of fun doing up your wedding.